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BBC London Playlist Archive

Every Saturday Night from May 1995 to May 2006, I hosted a 2-hour live
show from 8.00 to 10.00 pm on BBC London 94.9 (initially called GLR and
briefly named BBC London Live). Most weeks we featured guests, either
playing Radio Ping Pong or playing live music, sometimes both in the
same show. The game of radio Ping Pong involved the guest and DJ host
taking turns to play records, having little or no prior discussion about
what each of them would bring. Sometimes we made thematic links from one
record to the next, but they weren't mandatory. From June 2001, the
weekly playlists were archived on this site, and every record played
until May 2006 was collated in the searchable database, accessed from
the bar at the top right of the every page. Selected highlight programmes
are archived at the site of our host, Mondomix.

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