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World In London 2010

PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:30 pm
by Leon Parker
Had a look at what I could find for each country taking part in London 2012. What is good about doing this is you dig up some amusing finds like Barefoot Man (Cayman Islands) song "Gay Cruise Ship song" using "sloop John B" as backing track off the Thong Gong Wrong album.

"Sloop John B" is the seventh track on The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds album and was also a single which was released in 1966 on Capitol Records. It was originally a traditional West Indies folk song, "The John B. Sails", taken from a collection by Carl Sandburg (1927). Alan Lomax made a field recording of the song in Nassau, 1935, under the title "Histe Up the John B. Sail". This recording appears on the album Bahamas 1935: Chanteys And Anthems From Andros And Cat Island.[1] The song was adapted by Weavers member Lee Hays, and that group recorded it as "The Wreck of the John B." The Kingston Trio's 1958 recording of the song, also under the title "The Wreck of the John B.", was the direct influence on the Beach Boys' version. Johnny Cash recorded the song in 1959 as "I Want To Go Home"[2].
The Beach Boys version of "Sloop John B." was ranked #271 on Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.[3]
The John B. was an old sponger boat - presumably a sloop - whose crew were in the habit of getting notoriously merry whenever they made port. It was wrecked and sunk at Governor's Harbour in Eleuthera, The Bahamas, in about 1900.

Excuse the shipping pun but it seems this song as gone full circle
were in the habit of getting notoriously merry whenever they made port