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Artists’ Open House event in Dulwich

PostPosted: Fri May 07, 2010 5:18 pm
by howard male
South Londoners might like to check out the annual Artists’ Open House event in and around Dulwich. And by the way, the apostrophe in the title is in the right place as this isn’t artist’s open houses (most of them can’t afford houses!) but posh people’s open houses with artist’s work tastefully arranged around them. Some of Marcia’s exquisite stone pieces can be seen at 9 Woodwarde Road (very near Dulwich Library) this Saturday and Sunday only (some houses are open next weekend too.)

For this kind of event (which tend to attract wishy-washy watercolourists fond of wicker baskets and church steeples) the quality of work in general doesn’t look too bad. Right at the back of this virtual version of the catalogue is a handy map showing where all the houses are: ... nhouse.pdf