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Song of Lahore - The Sachal Jazz Ensemble Story

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:36 pm
by Kari Salonen
A delicacy from last night (on Finnish TV): a lovely documentary of how the Sachal Studios orchestra came together and how their take on jazz standards made waves all over (remember their "Take Five").
A good part of the documentary takes place at the Lincoln Jazz Center in New York, where they work on a joint concert with the Center Big Band led by Wynton Maarsalis.

Here's a fantastic bansuri-flute workout on "Limbo Blues":

There is also another theme: will the traditional music survive in Pakistan? Its old masters are in their sixties or seventies, and find it difficult to lock their sons or grandsons into the rigorous training the mastery requires. The upheavals of the Pakistani society (from Zia Ul-Haq's days onward) have pushed music and musicians into the margins or made them practically outlaws.