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BBC Radio Series/Musical Migrants/Looking for the migrants

PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:46 pm
by rachelhopkin
Looking for people to take part in BBC Radio 4 series
about people who have moved for music

My name is Rachel Hopkin, I’m a radio producer and I'm making a third series of radio programmes for BBC Radio 4 (the UK national speech network).

The series is called Musical Migrants and consists of 5x13.5 minute audio portraits. I am looking for the migrants to take part.

These migrants will have moved to a new country because of their love for a specific type of music in which their new home is rich. For example: to Texas for conjunto music, to Portugal for fado, to East Europe for gypsy music etc, to Vienna for Viennese classical musical, to the Andes for Andean music etc…..

They could be professional musicians, amateurs or beginners. In fact they don’t have to be musicians at all. They may have just moved or have been in their chosen home for years. Ideally they should still be living there. It also doesn’t matter where they’ve come from but they do need to feel comfortable speaking English. That said, I already have a number of strong candidates from the USA and Canada and because I try to find people with a range of voices from different backgrounds, I’m ideally looking for migrants who originate from other parts of the world. (There are other points about what I am not looking for and I have listed these below)

If you fit - or know anyone who fits - the bill, please let me know, or have them contact me via email (below).

Thanks so much.

Rachel Hopkin
rachel.hopkin [at]
rachel.hopkin [at]

For more information, see: ... hel_hopkin ... igrants_ii

For ease of clarification, I want to give some examples of what I am NOT looking for.
I am not looking for people who have moved to a new place:-
…because it has a good broad music scene in general (it has to be rich in a specific genre of music).
…in order to go to music college for a defined period of study and then leave
…because it is a good music business centre
…in order to do a short period of field work and then leave.
…for other reasons and then fallen in love with the music.
…to take the music from their homeland with them and introduce it to a different audience.

The following genres/destination were covered in the first two series and so are unlikely to be featured again

Scotland/Scottish traditional music
Southern Appalachian mountains /Old Time fiddle music
Buenos Aires/Tango
Brazil/Pandeiro drum
Leipzig/Baroque music
Georgia/Georgian traditional music
Ireland/Irish traditional music