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Stuck in Spain due to Icelandic volcanoes, whatever next?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:47 am
by EleanorT
"Britain is closed due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. No flights in or out." is the message I got on my phone, that had me wondering if it wasn't April 1st again. I certainly didn't for a moment believe it, or for another moment think it would effect my return trip from Madrid late on Sunday night. But last week was when the unimaginable happened. I have no doubt it caused no end of trouble to no end of people, but in our case, it was with a certain amount of glee that we discovered that there was really no conceivable way for us to return. The friend who'd been staying with us did need to get back a little more urgently, and we were lucky to find her a coach ticket for last Wednesday (we ended up getting back just a few hours after her by a faster method!). That still left us with time to fit in an impromptu road trip. Map purchased and route sort-of planned we were met with "no cars in Madrid". Luckily local knowledge of a local hire company ("Pepecar") proved invaluable - a car was available and off we went to Avila, Salamanca and Segovia. I knew Salamanca well at one time and was really happy to find it little changed, what a lovely city... and we had the places virtually to ourselves - wonderful. It was the kind of trip I imagine doing but don't often get the chance.

All being well, I'm off to Spain again this weekend for a real holiday, further south, and I mention it as it will only be another volcanic eruption that would get in the way of my being at the Darbucka on 13th. Looking forward to meeting a few familiar faces and new ones.