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The Fat Freddys Drop album - a woolly overview

PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 1:23 pm
by howard male
As Fat Freddys drop's album 'Based on a True Story' has already been reviewed by the Independent on Sunday, I have the luxury of being able to broadcast my mixed feelings about it here, without having to falsely mould them into a coherent opinion.

This record is a curiously subdued affair (or rather, more subdued than one would have expected) which whilst being consistently listenable to, seems to lack a focus or centre - it just slowly unravels itself.

Following the template of Midnight Marauders (curiously absent from the album) the songs are so long that by the time they finish, you've forgotten how they started. Is this a bad thing? Perhaps not, as it makes you want to play the CD again. And there is plenty to enjoy here - that soft reggae-meets jazz sophistication you'd expect , a big, fat, warm bass-end, retrained arrangements etc etc.

Fortunately Joe Dukie's seductively timbered voice means it's easy to overlook the extraordinary banality of most of the lyrics. In the cold light of the printed word (and sensibly they are not reproduced in the liner notes) they have no more resonance than, say, a beauty Queen's proclamation that she wants 'world peace and everyone to love each other' The lyrics are essentially just something for Joe to wrap his chops around - they aspire to weight, but I don't think it matters greatly that they are some of the most repeated phrases in the English language:
'What ever you feel is cool.....There's something that I can't explain.....the mystery is gone....I loose myself in feels so good.....all you've got to do is do it.... So many things have changed and I know were I belong.... dance into the night" And many more besides. My six year old niece could have done better.

So there you go - not a review, just a woolly overview. Make your own mind up folks! I look forward to reading what the rest of you think.