Page 2 of 2's another good line gone to waste

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 10:15 pm
by NormanD
howard male wrote:Mr Ed was about to substitute my 'are' for his 'is'....
You work for a talking horse who doesn't know his are from his elbow!?! Crikey.


PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 9:06 am
by P Edant
howard male wrote:Of course your absolutely right Norman. Now this strangely re-jiggled sentence makes a lot more sense: Mr Ed was about to substitute my 'are' for his 'is' when someone interupted him, in order to take a Starbucks order, and the next thing you know...

That should be you're and interrupted.

Your poor overworked editor...

PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 5:49 pm
by howard male
Don't worry about my editors Mr Edant, I always pass stuff through the spellcheck for them. But sometimes with this forum I do an impulse post, without checking my spelling first. As I've said elsewhere on this site - I'm the worst speller in the world and there's nothing I can do about it.

Pedantry (sp?)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:52 am
by Con Murphy
I hope you don't hold us all to these exacting standards, P. Life's too short.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 8:39 am
by howard male
Jamie wrote -

"Have some vodka Jamie," said David Bovee, lead singer of Think of One. "I think that would be a good idea" & with that he filled a plastic beer glass right up to the rim. I'm no heavy drinker & the prospect of a beer glass full of neat vodka was a daunting one...

I never got round to thanking you Jamie for this wonderfully funny contribution to my request for the kind of stories we don't get to read in fRoots or Songlines; the behind the scenes adventures of you front-line hacks.

This could still develop into an excellent strand so let's have some more. For example does anyone know of;

some shockingly diva-like behaviour of Mariza's that belies her nice image.

Or what inthinkably sadistic punishment awaits you if you hand in your homework late to Ian Anderson.

And who is Simon Broughton?

And has anyone dared to complain to an editor about insensitive editing? I nearly did the other day when my line, "breath-soft, frayed-at-the-edges voice...", was shortened to "breathy"! The former phrase was designed to describe Cheikh Lo's voice when singing a ballad, the latter is better suited to describe Marilyn Monroe's voice when singing 'Happy Birthday' to the President. Very distressing.

Mariza - Diva?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 10:13 am
by jayne
What follows is somewhat churlish and Charlie will probably never speak to me again... I don't know who is the worse - Howard for requesting dirt-dishers, or me for rising to his bait.

It was the Sunday after the World Music Awards at The Sage. Sharing cattle class (albeit BA darhlinks) with me on the afternoon flight to Gatwick was Mariza and companion. When we were about to taxi Mariza summoned a flight attendant, had a few hushed words and was upgraded to the half-empty club area. What piqued me was that she beat me to it! It then seemed far too infra dig to follow suit.

I didn't languish too long in economy, however, as I schmoozed in and spent most of the flight chatting to Mariza.

She was charm itself.


Re: Mariza - Diva?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 12:18 pm
by NormanD
jayne wrote:Mariza and companion....She was charm itself.
Dish the dirt!?! My dear, you'll have to get more low down and dirtier than this. Nothing on what her secret surname is? What hair gel does she use (I have enquired earlier elsewhere and still await an answer)? How much luggage did she have for her frocks? And a little more on her "companion" (with or without inverted commas) for an added frisson of gossipy mystery.

You may have noticed a current air of peace and reconciliation on the site with some of our community elders making suggestions to others about career moves - mainly into music reviewing. In this spirit, I would like to nominate you for the rôle of our own 3am girl. Attendance at all bashes will be mandatory, of course, but the invitations will soon flow your way. But, please, more dirt.


doing the dishes

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 12:50 pm
by Phil Meadley
Probably my favourite one was when I met Rachid Taha at Steve Hillage's studio just off Ladbrooke Grove. Steve and Rachid were putting the finishing touches to his latest album Tékitoi and I was trying to get an exclusive for the Independent before the press hoards caught on. I believe Nigel Williamson was meant to be there as well, but he declined in favour of The Corrs.

Anway Rachid turns up with his personal assistant at 1 pm, half an hour late. Steve warned me that he hardly ever gets up before lunchtime so he was worried that we'd set the interview time far too early. So everyone was visibly amazed when he turned up and didn't look like a bear with a sore head. The PA later confided with me that most days he didn't know if Rachid would actually be in his own hotel room in the morning.

Before the interview begins Rachid sends his PA out to get a few bits and pieces. His mobile phone suddenly goes off and he can't seem to hear the caller. "Allo, Allo?" he shouts, and then getting frustrated he bangs the phone several times agaist the wall. He listens again, and then shrugs. The caller must have hung up.

We get on with the interview, and actually he's great fun. He's got a razor sharp wit, and a keen intellect. "What's your favourite band?" I ask. "AC/DC" he replies. "Why are your lyrics so dark?" ... "Dark is my favourite colour," he replies. "Do you know what the best Touareg act is?" he asks. I shrug. "Bo Diddley," he says mischievously.

Halfway through the interview his PA turns up with a Spar carrier bag. Inside are fags and a bottle of whisky. You have to rememeber that this is still lunchtime, so everyone has a smile on their face.

Rachid Taha is the epitome of rock n' roll, and it was a memorable interview.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 7:18 pm
by Jamie Renton
howard male wrote: -Or what inthinkably sadistic punishment awaits you if you hand in your homework late to Ian Anderson.

I've answered this one already, elsewhere on this forum. You get press ganged into making a humiliating fool of yourself attempting traditional English dancing While Ian stands by photographing the whole sorry scene, laughing demonically to himself all the while.