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Nov 6: WOMEX special

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:42 pm
by Charlie
no time to write a proper introduction for this, but just to explain: the show is built around extracts from two showcase performances at WOMEX Copenhagen last month, with all the other tracks being by people I interviewed during previous WOMEX events. WOMEX is an annual world music trade fair with a very confusing name - I never did understand why they chose something so similar to WOMAD.

1 - Louis Jordan & Ella Fitzgerald - Stone Cold Dead in the Market - The R&B Hits: 1946 - USA - Indigo - IGOCD 2060

2 - Antonio Machin - El Manisero - El Manisero - Cuba - Tumbao - TCD 801

3 - Souad Massi - Raoui - Raoui - Algeria/France - Wrasse

4 - DuOud - Missy for Mouackshott (Featuring Malouma) - Ping Kong - Tunis/ Algeria/ Mauritania - World Village - WVF479025

- in session at WOMEX

Cedric Watson (vocals, accordion, fiddle) - Jermaine Prejean (vocals, drums) - Zydeco Mike (vocals, rubboard) - - Daniel Coolik (bass guitar)

5 - Cedric Watson - Bijou Creole - in session - USA - -

6 - Cedric Watson - Two-step de Bouki - in session - USA

7 - Chango Spasiuk - El Boyero (feat Sebastian Villalba, vocal) - Tarefero de Mis Pagos - Argentina - Piranha - CD-PIR 1895

8 - Kevin Johansen - La Falla de San Andres - City Zen - Argentina - Wrasse - WRASS 179

9 - Andy Palacio - Nabi - Keimoun - Belize - Stonetree - GLPD 17

- in session at WOMEX
Watcha Clan: SISTA KA vocals dance guitar - SUPREM CLEM sampler laptop keyboards accordion harmonium - MATT LA BESS doublebass bass guitar - NASSIM KOUTI vocals guitar percussions

10 - Watcha Clan - Call of Hagar - in session - France - -

11 - Watcha Clan - Balkan Quoulou - in session - France

12 - Sevara Nazarkhan - Daryo Toshkin - Gozal Dema - Uzbekistan - PanTerra -

13 - Amal Murkus - Hulum - Amal - Israel - EMI Hemisphere - 7243 4 96134 2

- in session at WOMEX

14 - Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole - Chere ti Coeur - in session - USA - -

15 - Cedric Watson - Sort pas la barriere - in session - USA - -

16 - Yoon Jeong Heo - Recitation of Pleasure in Zen, Part 4 - Geomungo Solo - South Korea - C&C/EMI - CNLR 0626-2

17 - Brina - Poljanska balada - Pasja Legenda - Slovenia - DruGod - DR 55233

18 - Julien Jacob - Dierel - Barham - Benin - Volume - VOL 0701

19 - Aynur - Ehmedo - Crossing the Bridge - Turkey - Warner - 5050467 8740 2

20 - Oswin Chin Behilia - De Bo Kushina (In Your Kitchen) - Liber - Curacao - Otrabanda - OTB010

21 - Mariza - Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho - Fado Em Mim - Portugal - World Connection - WC 43038

22 - Staff Benda Bilili - Moto Moindo - Tres Tres Fort - DR Congo - Crammed Discs - CRAW 51


PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:54 pm
by liz molony
Just checking out your play list for tonight, Charlie!
WOW. Do you make up these marvellous names? Sounds exciting..

Like having been to 'Hopencagen' - which is where my grandson, aged 2, says his daddy went last week. He's got a Peter Kay Amarillo walking style, and if I get 'given 'Best of Ethiopiques' for Christmas he'll dance to that with me! [the toddler I mean!]

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:22 am
by liz molony
Can't wait to tell you by daylight why I loved this evenings show so much Charlie. Bit midnightish now.
Did you know that after 1.00 an interview with you was part of the celebration of Youssou 'ndour's birthday? What an unexpected joyous follow on to hear him too.
Highlight of tonight - among many - was hearing Aynur - with her magnificent sounds flickering like firelight on a desert night. Are they stories out of ancient Persia?
I've been waiting patiently to hear her again. THANK YOU

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:51 am
by Chris P
liz molony wrote:Highlight of tonight - among many - was hearing Aynur - with her magnificent sounds flickering like firelight on a desert night. Are they stories out of ancient Persia?

It's an old Kurdish song, that even kurdish speakers have difficulty translating. Here is one kurdish speaker's partial attempt:
*Ehmedo is a name

Ehmedo ronî heyran tu ne mîr î ne hekîm î - Ehmedo ....... you are not a lord nor a healer
Kuro gede tu ne mîr e, ne hekîm e - boy you are not a lord nor a healer
Li bala dilê min evdala xwedê de - my hearts disaster ...............
Tavî kî ji tavî ya biharê - and the rainfall is a spring one (spring the season)
Meha gulan û nîsan û adar e - now it is januari febrauri and march
Li ser sing û berê min evdala xwedê de - on my chest and in my heart I cary the sorrow .........
Ne dixûricî ne dibarî - ............
Ehmedo lo lo - Ehmedo lo lo ( lo lo has no meaning is like yeaah or something :P)
Ehmedo ronî heyran navê min besna ye - ehmedo ..... my name is .......
Kuro keder navê min besna ye - Boy my name is ..............
Li tilî û pêçî minê ar morî wek şemaye -
De sing û berê min evdala xwedê - ( see 6th line)
Ji te re mîna kûşk û seray werçî ma ye - because of you I still have ......
De berê kerîyê pezê xwe ser de gêr ke
Min ê bi hemdê xwe ji te re destûr da ye - Without realising I made a ....... because of you ( ...... literally means constitute, but in this line I don't know how to translate)
Ehmedo lo lo
Ehmedo ronî heyran bira dê û bavê min - Ehmedo in your and my fathers memory
Xêrê bikin
De bira dê u bavê min xêrê bikin waêê qet nebînin - In your and my fathers memory they (will never see luck any more)?
Dewezê çewa neda me ehmedê kur û barî - .................
Ma di gûnd de min dil tê da - ...............
Wezê da me gedê kurapê min ê - ....................
Heramî mêra xudanê heft jina heftê salî - ................
Wezê bala xwe dididimê heba ferê dirana tune di devda -..................

I'm sorry for the half translation but the rest I really could not translate . and where te song is about I think (almost sure) it is about opression (the opression of Kurds by the turkish state).

source :

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:22 pm
by liz molony
[If it weren’t for patching my son in law’s crazily torn jeans, I’d have written this ages ago.....‘Cos the Friday programme blew me away Charlie.] must have been riveting being live in the company of WATCHA CLAN. With scary Sister Ka bursting with exotic French gutturals in ‘Hagar’. And all that thrilling backing ! I enjoyed the tempo and accordion playing in ‘Balkan Quoulo’ .. the group simply exploding with exciting rapport.

I felt thrown from laughing at your amusing opening into the sudden seductive floaty sound of Souad Massie’s romantic ‘Raoui’, before Malouma’s ‘Missy’... very theatrical.
And again, wafting from Cedric Watson’s liveliness into Chango Spasiuk’s accordion tango rhythms and Sebastian Villalba’s haunting song..... Then all the stuff going on with such pace in Andy Palacio’s gentle ‘Nabi’.... Such contrasts!

After the fun of Cedric Watson, and before Julien Jacob’s moody song, BRINA’s crystal voice was great in that skippy rhythm. Loved Julien’s guitar and his continuous low whispers.

Then I was taken aback Charlie, to hear you announce AYNUR.
I had only skimmed through the programme beforehand and not noticed her name.
It was in June I first heard this amazing voice and to hear her sing ‘Ehmedo’ again was thrilling - a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much!

After Aynur my favourite of the evening must be AMAL MURKUS.
Her very special voice like warm breath over those cold deep bass sounds, wails in a cavernous distance.
I find her plaintive soulful singing deeply stirring; she holds sounds taut like wire out in space.
I heard [I think] Yousso ‘nDour say that when a singer can evoke the emotions of the lyric through the music of his voice there becomes no need for words. I feel this about Amal’s song and Aynur’s.

[thank you for the suggested translation.]
Five weeks is a long time to wait for the next show.!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:52 pm
by RussellC
Ehmedo has been haunting me since Charlie played it on the World Service in June. I'm glad there was a reason for playing it again. Aynur's powerful voice (not dissimilar from Yasmin Levy) is only slightly undermined by the reverb. Is this natural from the recording venue or added in a studio recording?
I don't know if it's too early to start suggestions for 'Sound of the World 2010' but I'd like to nominate this song.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:06 pm
by Chris P
RussellC wrote: the reverb. Is this natural from the recording venue or added in a studio recording?

This version of Ehmedo (also spelt as Ahmedo sometimes eg on Kece Kurdan album) is from the soundtrack to the 'Crossing the Bridge' film & was recorded live with saz in a Turkish bath house (Hammam) - a stone-walled room with a cupola in this case, chosen deliberately for very strong natural reverb

Here's the clip from the film "Crossing the Bridge"

PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:09 am
by EleanorT
Really good program Charlie. I'm certainly in favour of more Korean music. Didn't know Watcha Clan but they sound like fun. Looks like they've played everywhere except in the UK. Any program with one of Souad Massi's best songs can't be bad, but I did like Brina, well not just her, all of it.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:44 am
by Charlie
RussellC wrote:I don't know if it's too early to start suggestions for 'Sound of the World 2010' but I'd like to nominate this song.

It is not too early, Russell. I had expected Warner to abandon the series because sales have dropped from previous years but no, they intend to persevere.

Yes, it had occurred to me to include this version of Aynur's song, which is from a soundtrack album released in Turkey through Warner, which ought to make the licensing more straightforward (although that does not necessarily follow). I did have her own album's version on a previous album's wish list but when I came to doing the final compilation I was dissatisfied by the production and left it off. This version is much better.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:53 pm
by Charlie
pronunciation guide from Mike in Korea:


Her name is pronounced something like “Her Yoon-jerngâ€

PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 4:15 am
by uiwangmike
The graphic description of the effects of wine in Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho may owe something to the fact that its composer, Dr. Alberto Janes, was a pharmacist. There’s a street named after him in his home town in the Alentejo, Reguengos de Monsaraz. ... janes.html