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fri 14 Thank you Charlie

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:16 pm
by liz molony
Tiptoeing round a fragile computer and hoping this THANKS reaches you!
....On Fri 14 instead of tuning in under sea gulls it was the flight path of Vulcan bombers and Hercules. But I got to hear all of your brilliant show Charlie.
Recognised the Toureg brotherhood TINARIWEN from 3 and 11 July. Good to hear again that tumble of desert words over plaintive chords. [Was that a female chorus?]

What a knock out piece from Ian Dury: SPASTICUS AUTISTICUS. Shocking to hear it was ever refused a playing. James McAvoy [sp?] interpreted similar protest in his role as a tormented wheelbound young man in INSIDE I’M DANCING. Did you see the film?

Thank you Charlie especially for your promise of 17 HIPPIES – their beautiful Son Mystere – I loved the silvery line of a flute [?] followed by that lonely voice in space.
I see your other favourites are Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba whose music I heard 2 years ago but before I knew it was your program. First world music CD I bought - SEGU BLUE – with that magnificent river on the cover. You may have seen his video taken in his village with children dancing about him as he plays the ngoni, seated on a stool in the sand.
Have you met him?

or driven to Timbuktu in a wildly painted truck??