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The Resistance

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:58 am
by Hugh Weldon
I'm a bit hesitant about posting this as the Resistance are hardly a 'discovery'. Also this won't mean that much to those who haven't been following the Kevin Armstrong Local Heroes SW9 thread on Looking for an Echo.

But I was prompted by that thread to give a bit of publicity to another 'lost' band of the late seventies, pretty much contemporaneous with Local Heroes in fact. And musing on why some made it and some didn't.

Charlie commented that one of the reasons Local Heroes disappeared was that they never gained Peel's ear. Well not only did Resistance get a couple of Peel sessions, they also had a support slot on a Police tour in 1979, just when Police were getting massive. Also a couple of singles and an album recorded for Phonogram which never saw the light of day.

At this point I should admit an interest. Lead singer and main man Mark Blanchard was/is a mate, we were pretty close at school and immediately afterwards. The bugger even wrote one of his best songs about me, and I had the bizarre experience one afternoon of catching it quite by chance on Radio 1 on a Kid Jensen session.

I suppose I'm putting this here really in the hope that some more unbiased and objective parties might give them a listen and tell me whether or not I was merely one of the camp followers, or whether they really had something. ... =193013260

Mark is still playing with an irregular and lower key outfit, but still some delightful songs I think: ... 77a2093f53