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Black Fire drumline

PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:24 am
by judith
Black Fire. I think they are high school students from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Here's some serious drumming, whether playing traditional (straight) or going off into a groove - on wheelies, tossing and passing sticks, tuned cymbals (each cymbal playes a different 'note'), sometimes playing with the bottoms of the sticks or playing with one stick lying across the head of the drum. There's a guy on quints (5 drum set) and the snares are bigger - can tighten up drumheads more *.

*My son showed me this. He's a music major, percussion. It's fun to watch this with him looking over my shoulder, pointing out all the stuff, teaching me the lingo. For example, they hold the drumsticks in what is often called 'traditional' (left palm facing somewhat upward rather than both palms facing downward)