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Andy Baylor

PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:56 pm
by DavidM

Here is someone from my home town. He's part of my musical education because, as well as being a fine musician, he has been presenting a radio programme in Melbourne for many years; The Chicken Mary Show, on radio 3 RRR, ( It's a programme which deals mostly with US music, that is, roots and blues kind of things, although not only those, and which probably have a real affinity with Charlie's London radio programmes, although I should add I never got to hear them. Anyway, listening to Andy's radio shows really stimulated my interest in blues and R&B, when I was younger, and doubtless contributed to my ending up as a keen follower of this website.

When I was visiting Melbourne recently, I picked up a copy of his cd "Blues is Poetry". It's a fairly stripped down recording; mostly just electric guitar, double bass and drums, but no less enjoyable for that. He gets into some fine swinging grooves on it. On the MySpace page you can hear 3 tracks from it, "Blues is Poetry", "Love Before Money " and "Rosie's Tune". That last one is the one that strikes me the most, in that it's not really a blues. He calls it a "High Life, Folk-Time Instrumental" and, in fact, there is a kind of african-sounding sweetness to the guitar playing, or so it seems to me.

Have a listen.