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Nabil Othmani

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:25 am
by EleanorT
I just got a lovely surprise - a CD in the post from a friend in Grenoble. She'd been singing (jazz) in the Café Sahara, a place she's mentioned several times to me. She went back to thank them and found there was a Tuareg concert, with musicians from Djanet, where I've spent some time (all the photographs in my exhibition in Islington at the mo are taken there). Nabil Othmani was playing. He's the son of Baly, a wonderful musician whose death in the oued floods was a tragedy. It is with Baly that Tarzagh Benomar played (see info about exhib). I didn't actually (knowingly) meet Nabil when I was there, but maybe I did the other musicians who are touring with him. His myspace page is here:

If I was in Paris on 13th I'd definitely go to l'Ermitage.