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MySpace vs Facebook

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:39 pm
by Charlie
Although reports are that Facebook is winning this battle, if it is a battle, I prefer MySpace.

The only value of Facebook is to send messages to people for whom one does not already have an email address. I always suggest using regular email after that, since the communication via Facebook is so tortuous.

MySpace is much more useful for anybody with music connections.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 6:38 pm
by garth cartwright
I've just set up a FB account this week - on orders to do so to "promote book" tho quite how this works I'm not sure. I'm old fashioned and the idea of bombarding people with book hype really does not appeal. Any tips on how to make FB useful without being annoying? My Space: Leon and I have set up an account for Princes that lists any forthcoming DJ dates and we occasionally get e-mails from people. I'm not sure if it serves any purpose but pleasant to have it I guess. I'm interested in how people feel these sites help them - I can understand for music it works as you can listen to songs by the artist in question. Not sure if it helps people in other areas. But being in my 40s I'm way older than main users of these formats - Flo's kids (10 and 13) do everything on FB and use it as a way of staying in contact with all their friends.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 6:47 pm
by Hugh Weldon
You're right about myspace being more useful for music contacts. Have made some interesting discoveries. Yasmin Levy actually sent me an email on it once.

But being in my 40s I'm way older than main users of these formats

I'm in my fifties and on it more often than is good for me. Tracked down and contacted a number of old friends this year. Much more useful for keeping in touch with people than it is as a publicity outlet I think, though it will flag up any events you're involved in to all your contacts. Must go and check out your page.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:07 am
by labitana
How do i change my myspace background to one of my saved photos? I made a picture that i want to put as my myspace background but i don't know really how to. I tried uploading and using the URL but that doesn't work.
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