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PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 9:21 am
by Leon Parker
I have found this site very useful for information, opinions, cd circle and lot's more. What I was interested in (chatted to Zee about this) is in the gigs, events etc…adding another feature . Many people have digital camera/video to take pic's or small clips of the event or gig and do a little write up. For example a small clip from Jamie's Chilli fried night giving a taste of the ambiance.

Basically what I am saying is. I would like a visual section for people see and not just words. After spending a Saturday on the South Bank playing everything under the sun and getting people wanting to know what is this? and where can I get it ?

It was visual presence that brought people to me and I could give them flyers for the Balkan Fever Festival, Chilli Fried nights, information about world music web sites including this one.

Suggestion aside as long as the web site carry's on I am happy.
On the 22nd at The DJ relay people can exchange views and ideas or dare I say it hold a meeting. Before the music of course (dam I forgot the football is on but then music took over as my first passion years ago)