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World athletics finals

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:01 pm
by Philellinas
This weekend the world athletics finals are being held (with Mr. Bolt in the 200 metres) in Thessaloniki in the delightfully named Kaftanzoglio stadium. I'm not that interested in athletics (mainly because of the cheating) but I'm looking forward to hearing presumably monolingual commentators cope with these mouthfuls. Will they be reduced to the barbaric Thes. and Kaf.? How could the organisers have been so inconsiderate in choosing my second home-city which boasts just one venue capable of hosting such an event? I used to go there to watch one of the local teams, Iraklis (Iraklara to their fans), play there and even saw England thrash Greece there many years ago. Let's hope for a similar result against Croatia tonight. Come on, you whites (as they shout at cricket matches). Philippos