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YouTube 7: Estrella Morente and Ojos de Brujo

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 5:22 pm
by Rod B.
Found a couple of videos grabbed from Spanish Antena 3’s late night chat show hosted by Andreu Buenafuente.

I would recommend viewing the first to anyone. It’s Estrella Morente singing the title song to the film Volver under the adoring eyes of Pedro, Penélope and the rest of the cast of the film (for more info scroll down to the films section). IMO this live version is even better than the recorded one, Estrella’s voice is quite stunning, a performance that transcends flamenco.

The second is a live performance of Ojos de Brujo singing Sultanas de Merkaillo, on great form as always, not perhaps that different from the recorded version except with a nice trumpet solo towards the end (please no-one start a topic on greatest trumpet solos).