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Shel Talmy (11th August birthday)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:44 am
by john poole
Born Sheldon Talmy in Chicago on 11th August, 1937, he’s 80 today.

He moved to London in the summer of 1962; by the beginning of the next year had his first hit as a producer (‘Charmaine’ by the Bachelors), followed within the next few years by some possibly better remembered records including ‘You Really Got Me’; ‘My Generation’; and ‘Friday on my Mind’; also the producer for amongst others The Creation; Davy Jones before he changed his name; (The) Pentangle …

It’s probably best not to dwell too long on ‘Bald Headed Woman’, a song he had found on an LP by Odetta which he claimed to have written and had several of his groups record. Instead here is ‘Night Comes Down’ - a song credited to Shel with John Burchell (aka Jon Mark) which appeared on a couple of B-sides

Jon Mark (1965)
Jon Mark was at the time the guitarist for Marianne Faithfull; later joined Johnny Almond with John Mayall and subsequently Mark-Almond

Version released a few weeks later by (The) Mickey Finn
Mickey Finn was the guitarist with the group - he had changed his name from Mickey Waller to avoid being confused with the drummer Micky Waller. Later went back to the name Waller to avoid confusion with the T. Rex drummer Finn … Alan Marks was the vocalist with the group, and of course Jimmy Page may have been involved with the record….

Ace Records recently released the compilation - “Making Time - A Shel Talmy Production” ... production ... hel-talmy/

Re: Shel Talmy (11th August birthday)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:10 pm
by Adam Blake
There's a fair case to be made for saying that Shel Talmy invented rock music.