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Sonny West (30th July birthday)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:08 pm
by john poole
Joe “Sonny” West - born on 30th July, 1937 near Lubbock, Texas, nine months after Buddy Holly; - he’s 80 today

His 1956 record (released as “Sonee West”) ‘Rock-Ola Ruby’ sold few copies; later became big favourite with rockabilly fans.
Influenced I guess by ‘Rock and Roll Ruby’ released a few months earlier by Warren Smith; that song was credited to Johnny Cash, although Smith later claimed that Johnny bought the song from George Jones for $40 ...

Sonny had two of his other songs ‘Oh Boy!’ and ‘Rave On’ (written with some help on the lyrics from Bill Tilghman; Norman Petty also inserted his name to the credits on both songs), released on singles by the Crickets and Buddy Holly respectively. Sonny’s own version of ‘Rave On!’ was issued on Atlantic but remained unheard by most in the UK until it was included on the 1973 LP “Let It Rock” compiled by CG & Dave Laing from the magazine of the same name.

In 1961 Sonny was maybe the first to cover Freddy Fender’s ‘Wasted Days and Wasted Nights’ (1961; not on YT)

‘Oh Boy’ - Buddy & the Crickets appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show in January, 1958
The story behind the show and why Buddy’s guitar was inaudible ... -sullivan/

‘Rave On’ by Waylon Jennings (1964) - I imagine Waylon played the song when with Buddy on his final winter tour ... _west.html

He is not to be confused with Del “Sonny” West; a member of Elvis’ “Memphis Mafia” who died in May, aged 79
or Robert “Red” West another of the Memphis Mafia (Del/Sonny's cousin) - he passed away earlier this month aged 81 ... 81-1022733
They co-wrote the book “Elvis- What Happened?” after being dismissed by Elvis’ father Vernon

Re: Sonny West (30th July birthday)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:30 pm
by NormanD
john poole wrote:The story behind the show and why Buddy’s guitar was inaudible ... -sullivan/
Great story.