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Woodrow Adams (Born 9th April, 1917)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:07 am
by john poole
Today's centenary, born Woodrow Wilson Adams one hundred years ago today, - 9th April, 1917 (Tchula, Mississippi) [died 9th August, 1988] Possibly not the most distinguished of bluesmen, although Stefan Wirz has devoted a page to him on his site - he did not record until he was 35, had three singles released (some other tracks later appeared on compilations); only one copy is now known to survive of the first of the three, recorded at Sun Records in Memphis in 1952 and released on Chess Records’ Checker label. His second release came in 1955 for Meteor Records - ten years later it was re-issued in the UK as the second release on Mike Vernon’s Blue Horizon Records (limited to 99 copies to avoid Purchase Tax).

‘Something on my Mind’ (1960), his third and final single
released on the Home of the Blues label and written (or at least credited to) Ruben Cherry, the owner of the label and the Beale Street record shop of the same name - Robert Gordon wrote in his book “It Came from Memphis” about Ruben, and the rubber snake (which he claimed Elvis stole) that he had been using in his shop to scare off “would-be stick-up men” ... ... is&f=false