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Wish I'd Been There

PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 8:51 pm
by willvine
Somewhere amongst my papers of no account there is a list I compiled, from memory, of the greatest gigs I've attended....(you've all got something similar lurking about haven't you?) Though I was there for The Stones in the Park and witnessed dear old Frank poleaxed into the orchestra pit at The Rainbow I was apparently one of the very few people who was not at the Sex Pistol's first gig.

Now, with a little more time on my hands, and the recent discovery that I can get YouTube on our telly, I'm able to witness concerts secondhand and will soon be able to compile a list of favourite "gigs I sadly missed".

Current number one in this list is Love at Glastonbury 2003 (just type it in if you feel like following this up - I can't figure why the reference I put in here isn't working)

My memory of the flower power/summer of love/progressive rock mid sixties is a real old mixture of loud and long guitar solos, dodgy folk-style music, and impressive, melodious, beautifully arranged pop songs. I loved it all. This, Forever Changes, had it all. It never got better than this.

Like Macca and Brian Wilson, Arthur Lee had to see out a few decades before the technology and everything else was right to enable them to properly play their genius studio creations live, sadly without their former bandmates.

Re: Wish I'd Been There

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:18 am
by NormanD
I saw the same lineup at the Festival Hall probably (you see?) the same year.

I went with son Tom. We booked late, got what seats were left, which was right up the back. I spotted, sitting a couple of rows in front of us, Joe Boyd. Tom didn't know who he was. I excitedly explained 'Pink Floyd.....Nick Drake........blah blah.....Fairport Convention.....blah blah......iconic producer.....etc etc"

Was he impressed? Of course not

'So why's he sitting in the cheap seats like us?'

Arthur Lee and band+strings+mariachi trumpet (just as expected) were great.

Tom told me why he was wearing a bandana, and the story behind his hair loss.

Re: Wish I'd Been There

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:15 pm
by alister prince
Not at the Sex Pistols first gig Will? I'm flabbergasted. At the last count at least 8 million people (nearly as many as Woodstock and coincidently, the population of London) claimed to have been. I think you just forgot.
I've not seen Love either.