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Terry Gilkyson (Born 17th June, 1916)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:15 am
by john poole
Terry Gilkyson, born Hamilton Henry Gilkyson III, one hundred years ago today - 17th June, 1916 in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania [died 15th October, 1999]

I knew little or nothing about him when Mike added him to the June birthday list a couple of years or so back, but I see that he was involved in a number of US top ten hits of the 1950s -

A version of ‘On Top of Old Smokey’ by the Weavers with Terry Gilkyson - #2 for five weeks in 1951 (while ‘How High the Moon’ by Les Paul & Mary Ford was #1)

‘Marianne’ by Terry Gilkyson & the Easy Riders (Richard Dehr & Frank Miller) - the three of them were credited as composers of the song adapted from ‘Mary Ann’ by the calypso singer "Roaring Lion" (aka Rafael de Leon) who should have at least received a share of the royalties, don’t know if he did. The Hillsiders had the UK hit with 'Marianne', maybe because their recording was released here on both 45 & 78 unlike the Easy Riders' which was only available to buy as a 78.

‘Memories Are Made of This’ - Dean Martin’s biggest hit of the 50s, written by and accompanied by the Easy Riders
(Second Hand Songs lists 52 other versions)

‘Cry of the Wild Goose’ by Frankie Laine (1950) and ‘Tell Me a Story’ by Jimmy Boyd & Frankie Laine’ (1953; not recommended)

Other Terry Gilkyson compositions included -

‘Look Me Over Closely’ by Marlene Dietrich (1953)
(much later recorded by the White Stripes)

‘The Treasures of Love’ by Mahalia Jackson (1955)
(pre-dated the similarly titled ‘Treasure of Love’ by Clyde McPhatter)

and his best known song ‘The Bare Necessities’

His children -

Eliza - singer/songwriter
Tony - member of Lone Justice; later member of X; producer
Nancy - became vice-president at Warner Bros Records ... nav-entity ... 24763.html