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2006 - 8 April - Jean Trouillet

PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2006 6:22 pm
by NormanD
Seq Artist Title Album Country Label

1 - Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou - 25 Greatest Hits - USA - EMI

2 - Blue Asia - Sao Chumpae Pae Rak - Hotel Bangkok - Japan/Malaysia/Thailand - King

3 - Go Lem System featuring Manu Chao - Calle Go Lem - Caceria - Spain - Satelite K

4 - Psapp - Leaving in Coffins - Tiger, My Friend - UK - Arable

Radio Ping Pong with Jean Trouillet (*)

*5 - Luthomania - Chaconne - Périples - Belgium/China/Morocco - Papyros

6 - Arto Tuncboyaciyan - April 24. - Love is Not in Your Mind - Turkey/Armenia/USA - Heaven & Earth

*7 - Lo'Jo - In The 'Arena Of The Bold' - Au Cabaret Sauvage - France - Emma

8 - Franco & OK Jazz & Camille Feruzi - Siluwangi Wapi Accordeon - Golden Afrique, Vol 2 - Congo - Network

*9 - Orchestra Baobab - N'Diaye - Baobab - N'Wolof - Senegal - Dakar Sound

10 - Haruna Ishola - Pariboto Riboto - Lagos All Routes - Nigeria - Honest Jon's

*11 - DJ Shantel - Donna Diaspora - Promo - Germany - Essay Recordings

12 - Think of One - Tirar Onda - Tráfico - Belgium/Brazil - Crammed Discs

*13 - Senor Coconut & His Orchestra - Behind The Mask - Yellow Fever! - Germany - Essay Recordings / New State (UK)

14 - Lila Downs - El Corrido de Tacha "La Teibolera" - La Cantina - Mexico/USA - Narada

*15 - Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Kolo Chimera - Amsterdam Klezmer Band Remixed - Holland - Essay Recordings

16 - Fantazia - Fatouma - Mul Sheshe - UK/Algeria - World Village

17 - Anga Diaz - Pueblo Nuevo - Echu Mingua - Cuba - World Circuit

18 - Otis Taylor - My Soul's in Louisiana - Beyond Mississippi - USA - Manteca

19 - Mahmoud Ahmed - Belomy Benna - Live at WOMAD 30 July 2005 - Ethiopia - National Sound Archive

20 - Fantazia - Mul Sheshe - Mul Sheshe - UK/Algeria - World Village


PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 11:55 am
by Charlie
What does this sequence of countries represent?

1. France. 2. Germany. 3. Belgium. 4. Germany. 5. (blank). 6. USA. 7. UK. 8. Germany. 9. France.

Or this?

1. Algeria. 2. Romania. 3. Congo. 4. Germany. 5. Pakistan. 6. USA. 7 UK/India. 8. Turkey/Armenia. 9. Mali.

The answer to both questions is the running order at this year’s BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music, staged at the Brixton Academy on Friday, 7th April, the night before this broadcast. The second list is of the countries represented by the artists; the first is of the countries where their record labels are based (*).

It might come as a surprise to see three German record labels included, since Germany has a low profile in discussions about world music. But WOMEX, the annual world music trade fair, is a German initiative, and several of the most enterprising independent world music record labels are German, two of them involving tonight’s guest Jean Trouillet.

A lifetime fan of unusual music, Jean first made his mark in 1989 with the publication of his edited book Welt Beat (World Beat), a collection of essays by various writers. The book attracted the attention of Christian Scholze, who was importing and distributing this kind of music through his Network Medien company. With Jean enrolled onto the staff, Network began originating its own releases, launching two parallel series of original albums: single CDs recorded in particular countries, and book-shaped double-CDs, compiled from existing recordings in specific genres. Desert Blues was not a widely used term before Network’s collection under that name; now it feels like a dictionary definition.

While still acting as an occasional contributor to particular projects at Network, notably the marvellous Golden Afrique series, Jean is now director of Essay Recordings. Founded by Frankfurt musician, remixer and club DJ Stephan Hantel aka DJ Shantel to release his own Bucovina Club albums, Essay is branching to be the European outlet for marvellous album by the New York based Balkan Beat Box.

Before tonight, Jean and I had only ever spoken a few disconnected sentences to each other, standing at the back of showcases at WOMEX, so it was good to discover and share parallel passions for Lo’Jo and Orchestra Baobab. But I had to confess a resistance to salsa pastiche merchant Senor Coconut.

I’ll be interested to read comments in our website’s forum from anyone who attended Friday’s Awards event at the Brixton Academy, or who watched it on BBC 4 on the following night (screened at the same time as this radio programme – thanks a lot, not-so-friendly BBC TV schedulers!).

I had been apprehensive about the chosen venue, always finding that the sound at the Academy billows out into a soupy blur, and it did no favours for Souad Massi, who opened the proceedings. But either my ears adjusted, or the sound got better, and the performance by Arto Tunçboyaciyan was completely captivating. Arto and his Armenian Navy Band have up till now been better appreciated outside the UK, but maybe this could be the turning point. Is there still time for an addition to this year’s bill at WOMAD Reading?

Hugh Masekela was an inspired choice as co-host, providing a vital contrast of warmth and experience to the more detached tones of Verity Sharp and Fiona Talkington. But in many ways, the star of the show was the audience, generously enthusiastic throughout the night, a tribute to the efforts of promoters Serious to ensure that there was a substantial number of young people there, and a fulfilment of Hugh Masekela’s hope that we would let our minds and our ears open wide.

(*) The artist running order was:

1. Souad Massi. 2. Fanfare Ciocarlia. 3. Konono #1. 4. DJ Shantel. 5. Sain Zahoor. 6. Ry Cooder (on film). 7. Nitin Sawhney. 8. Arto Tunçboyaciyan (of The Armenian Navy Band). 9. Amadou & Mariam.

The programme is live from 8 till 10 every Saturday Night, broadcast on FM radio in the London area (BBC London 94.49), on Sky TV throughout the UK and online worldwide at where it is archived for the next seven days in the Listen Again facility.