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Lost and Found

PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 8:34 pm
by Graham Lee
LOST: Ibrahim Ferrer - 'Nuestra Ultima Cita' from 'BVSC Presents...'

FOUND: Bob Dylan - yes, 2005 was the year that I finally realised the magnitude of Dylan's greatness. I always have been a bit slow to leap on a passing bandwaggon! 'No Direction Home' was the icing on the cake for me. What to choose? I'll opt for 'Blind Willie McTell' from 'The Bootleg Series Vols 1-3'.

lLost and Found

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 9:56 pm
by will vine
Lost. The fantastic LINK WRAY first and last word in rocknroll guitar.

Found...Very dull to really. For various reasons I haven't been paying attention so much this year to The New, but have been rediscovering past pleasures as I sort them on to the new formats. wv

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 11:06 pm
by Tom McPhillips
yes, Link Wray - sadly lost...

but found, hard to choose... Sally Timms, Les Cowboys Fringants, Oki, Yasmin Levy...

but finally I had to choose Okna Tsahan Zam, for a CD that I kept going back to all year...

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 12:04 am
by RobHall
Lost: Little Milton, though there are others....

Found: Not a 2005 release, not even an artist, but a compilation: "Flammes Du Coeur Gypsy Queens". If the house was on fire and I had to rescue the CD(s) that I've bought this year that I've got the most out of, it would be this collection (and a big thank you to Garth for the wonderful book that led me to it).


Aly Prince's Lost and Found

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 1:44 pm
by alister
Lost: Laurel Aitken- Track: "Landlords and Tenants."
Cuban born ska pioneer and general good guy for Jamaican music. I think his contribution (including the first ever Jamaican record issued in Britain) has been over shadowed and under rated due to other outstanding personalities.

Found: Bellowhead- track: "Jack Robinson" from the CD "E.P Onimous".
English folk at its "big band" swinging best. More hope for the future of local, live roots music.

Aly Prince

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 2:07 pm
by NormanD
Hi Aly and welcome. Glad you finally cracked the log-in problem. There'll be no stopping you now, that's your work ruined.....


lost and found

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:25 pm
by Gordon Neill
I still think that Fats Domino should be considered for both lost and found this year.

But, seriously, the saddest 'Lost' for me would have to be Link Wray.

Lots of great 'Founds' for me this year. My top three in reverse order: Asha Bhosle, Amadou & Mariam,....... Rachid Taha (or Rancid Tapas as someone persists in calling him).

Link wray & Congotronics

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 1:23 am
by Martin Owen
Lost: Link Wray's Rumble must be one of the seminal recordings of all time- its sound permeates all electric guitar music since

Found: Congotronics Konono no1.

Culture is not something handed down to us- it is something re-invented by every generation - made new for our own times. The old is absorbed into the present. All music is so- but Congotronics does it loud, with style, with verve, with wit, with enthusiasm.


lost and found

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 1:00 pm
by matthew
Lost: Lázaro Ros
Cuban National Treasure

Found: Orange Blossom
CD: EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE (Bonsai Music) - and a great live band too!

lost and found

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 3:04 pm
by andrew q
Lost : Ibrahim Ferrer : a wonderful story which brought world music to a much bigger audience through the film and indirectly led to the revival and success of Orcestra Baobab.

Found : Emmanuel Jal : another great story about the survival of a child solider in Sudan who became a rap artist and is nominated in the 2006 Planet awards. Some excellent music too

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 9:57 pm
by DD
Difficult choices, but have gone for the following

Lost -Long John Baldry - Underated early 60's R 'n' B especially the stuff with Cyril Davies and some really very good stuff from his later years in Canada.

Found - Abdel Gadir Salim - On impulse went to see him in February. Really excellent concert which has led me to explore all sorts of interesting North African things.

OK, so I've also got to nominate a song as well. That makes it even harder!!

What about Chicago Calling, the B side of Country Line Special, what a single that was.

If I have to pick one from Abdel Gadir Salim, then Bissarma I particularly enjoy, even though it may well not be the best thing he has done.

Re: Lost and Found in 2005 - Lifetime subscription to Songli

PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:26 am
by Markos
LOST: IBRAHIM FERRER - "Te guste o no"


Lost and Found in 2005

PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 7:01 pm
by will vine
Having nominated Link Wray as sadly lost, I have decided to nominate as best found this year a track I discovered on an old Sony Jazz sampler...CARAVAN by SAM NEWSOME and GLOBAL UNITY about who at present I know absolutely nothing. This track though is where Duke Ellington meets Charlie Gillett's Saturday catchy that it might eventually become irritating but for's great. wv

Lost and Found

PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 7:03 pm
by jvh
Lost - Ibrahim Ferrer: Compositor Confundido

Found - Camille: La Jeune Fille aux Cheveux Blancs


Lost and Found

PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 9:06 pm
by zebalby
Lost - Ibrahim Ferrer

Found - Arcade Fire

Zeb Alby