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PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:25 am
by Dayna
I thought of Einstein's quote "10% percent inspiration & 90% perspiration" from reading about people like Bill Gates, Jimi Hendrix who had natural talent but they still had to work hard to get where they did.

While I was growing up, I heard this term used a lot, "playing by ear." There were some kids I met that were good at playing piano & someone said they could "play by ear". It seems like that must be a unique talent. How many people actually can do that? It's always been interesting when I hear about a child prodigy or something.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:16 am
by c hristian
Playing by ear means that you don't read the music on the page as much as just hear the next few notes you want to play, and play them. My eye for one, is not nearly as fast as my ear. Especially when reading a grand staff or orchestral score. My brain just doesn't decode all those notes on a page with in the time frame that is acceptable to me. But my ear can hear it just fine. But the most frustrating thing is that my ear is much faster than even my fingers, as they are most out of practice. So I should just go back to singing and humming everything I hear, yes? MAybe so. Or I just have to be patient with my fingers. It's all muscle memory, I know.

Listening more to the book today. I was reminded of how much I enjoyed composition when I was young, and how I never got to pursue that past high school. I was pretty much left to my own devises to get into college, as my parents were busy doing their own thing. I made what proved to be a disastrous first choice. (That, and I just wasn't ready for all the freedom that I was about to be given.) And then I spent the rest of my college years making up for that. So, composition was pretty much out the window. Ah well. Would like to get back to that sometime, but at this point, I wouldn't quite know where to begin. But I could probably find a place. Besides, I have a bigger goal to pursue right now.