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Alpha Blondy - London JAH VICTORY gig postponed

PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:55 pm
by Outerglobe Debbie Golt
Some of you might have tried to see Alpha Blondy at the Coronet last night Saturday 7th. Unfortunately the gig had to be postponed.

Alpha and the band were all there in great form from previous tour dates, ready to rave and with a fab album to promote. But the venue manager complicated the payment arrangements at the last minute and refused to let the gig go ahead, locking everyone out.

Various press were invited to the hotel to hear more and to chat with Alpha Blondy in more relaxed circumstances than usually offered. He was in good spirits and philosophical about the situation - on good terms with the promoters.

Plan A is to rearrange the gig at the same venue very soon as that's the destination everyone was headed for and to resolve the issues with the Coronet management.