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This is Not Cricket - Suzy Gillett

PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:22 am
by Alan
You may be interested in supporting Suzy Gillett's film in the making - see below:

This is the story or the most remarkable cricket team in the world. Entirely composed of immigrants to Italy from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, closed down once by racism and religious prejudice, its two teenage leaders, Fernando and Shince are rebuilding the team.


Dearest This is Not Cricketers,



We've very nearly reached our goal - with the incredibly generous support of 146 people we have received pledges amounting to $13,270.... and rising...

We now have just until Friday 24th April to complete the campaign and collect the last 11% of our target of $15,000.

Your support of our the crowdfunding campaign will enable us to fund our first shoot in Rome in May and provide us with a very persuasive argument to make a proposal to film funders and broadcasters, This Is Not Cricket is about to be born. We look forward to sending you links to the film but also inviting you to see it in cinemas!

We have had two great articles in the press that speak about the project in some depth :

The National - This is Not Cricket

This is the critical moment when we need you to reach out and ask friends to join us, we have until Friday to complete our funding.

Here is the link to the trailer and the Aflamnah crowdfunding platform
where you may consider making a donation:

with much gratitude and many thanks for your support

Suzy Gillett, Jacopo de Bertoldi and Saad-Eddine Said ... ?pnref=lhc