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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:06 pm
by Garth Cartwright
I wasn't living in the UK in the 1980s but I was aware of the Miners Strike and believe I bought the NME that had Bronski Beat on the cover when they were playing the Lesbian and Gay Men Miner's Support Group fund raiser. Obviously, aware of Red Wedge and such and might even have gone to a Miner's Support concert at Auckland Uni'.

Anyway, I did not know the story behind Pride - and am unsure how loosely the film plays with truth - but it's a very engaging film about a group of Brixton-based gays and lesbians who, lead by a charismatic youth, end up not only raising funds but engaging with a miner's community in small town Wales. Pride is very much in the genre of Full Monty and Billy Elliot - loveable northerners battling the odds (and loveable g&ls battling the thugs and homophobes) - and it has lots of 80s hits and a big dance scene (to Shirley & Co's magnificent Shame Shame Shame). It also has a totally OTT soundtrack that aims to milk every emotion possible. This is a detriment as the rising strings annoyed my hard heart and ruined some scenes for me (even coming in over old hits I recall of that era).

That said, this is well made, well acted, slick entertainment that reflects on an era when political activism was much more grass roots (and there were still mining communities) and to be gay or lesbian a much more marginal - and dangerous (Aids and gay bashing) - existence. Certain to be shown on telly many times for years to come. And they are probably working on the musical version right now.