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Elektra Records

PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:53 am
by uiwangmike
One of the editors of Zigzag (either Pete Frame or John Tobler) claimed to have bought every record issued on Elektra, and named his dog after the label. I bought a few too, though nothing by the Doors.
From the Radio 2 site:
Paul Gambaccini presents a six-part series [now in Week 2] charting the history of Elektra Records, from when it was founded by Jac Holzman in 1950 until he sold his company in 1973.

Primarily a New York folk label in the beginning, with influential singers Judy Collins, Phil Ochs and Tom Paxton, the label explored new avenues from the mid-sixties when Jac signed West Coast artists Love, Tim Buckley and the Doors.

Further chart success came from the development of artists such as Bread, Carly Simon and Harry Chapin.

This series features new interviews with Jac Holzman and many of his artists, including Theodore Bikel, Oscar Brand, and the Doors.