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Tanita Tikaram on the Robert Elms Radio London show

PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 1:54 pm
by EleanorT
Tanita has a once-a-month slot on the Robert Elms show when she chats about all things culture for under 20 quid in the capital, and as a result of having come to see SANS perform in mid June at Sands Films, what was a very cosy, intimate gig, she talked about what a magical experience it is to hear world music at Sands Films. She does describe me as a lovely bonkers lady but you can't win 'em all: let's glide smoothly over that one! In fact I think it is vaguely referring to the fact that noone makes any money in it...correct! A labour of love indeed. I think the clip of the programme has some bits, like when Robert says he's going to take his wife straight down there, have been edited out so I recommend going to 1h38mins into the programme to get the full flavour: