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National anthems

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:26 pm
by uiwangmike
Watching the Wales-Slovakia game this morning, I was reminded that Wales, apart from having one galáctico on the team, also has one of the world’s stellar national anthems. These songs are an area of world music that hasn’t received much attention on the forum, but I was entertained by this Radio 3 program on the subject.
India’s anthem maybe has the most distinguished lyricist. It’s a shame that we don't get to hear it more often.

Re: National anthems

PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:54 am
by will vine
Unable to cope with the six and a half hour round trip to Jamie's Jamboree gig this weekend (sorry mate), I allowed myself to be subjected to the local musical offerings which, in large part, featured ROCK in various formats. This has lead me to tie together two threads here- this one and Was Rock a Mistake?. I'll try to explain.

Stepping out on to the High Street to shop on saturday morning my wife and I were diverted off-street to that oddest of British gatherings - a fete. It soon revealed itself as a celebration of the Queen's longevity.There were performances on a decently organised and well amplified stage, one of which was a Rock Choir. I'm sure your heart sinks as mine does when I read those words but a couple of things occurred to me as I stood and gawped at this sixty strong assembly of predominantly middle aged and elderly women giving it plenty.

The first was that no matter how cheesy the material, or the cause, I'm programmed to blub (big lump in throat) at any large scale musical endeavour, like this community singing, carried out by "ordinary people" doing it for the love and uplift of singing or playing and for no other reward.

Secondly, it seemed that Rock, in all its overblown, anthemic, non-sensical, often trite sentimentality....well, I won't say it makes much more sense to me in this context but there was no denying a joie de vivre generated by Queen's Don't Stop Me Now,something sadly lacking in that other Queen favourite The National Anthem.

I couldn't name most of the things this choir sang but there was, I'm sure, some Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, and Beyonce in there. All, in their ways entertaining.

I don't know all the verses to my own national anthem let alone any others but if they are all, as I suspect, glorifications of each nation's strength of purpose, oneness, and goodness then, in the Eurovision tradition, whereby nations no longer attempt to exhibit national identity but bland homogenity then a little bit of ROCK might serve them well.


On Sunday we chanced upon a covers band, another group of people who might get enough to cover their expenses but little more, whose diligently honed musical skills deserved a huge audience but were stuck with the dozen or so of us in that pub. Was Rock A Mistake? I might have thought so till I got reacquainted here with Come Together, Another Brick in the Wall, Sweet Home Alabama, Brown Sugar, Twenty Flight Rock, Don't Fear The Reaper, Play That Funky Music, Don't Stop............How could I have lived without all this? It all made complete sense. The people, both in front of and behind the bar, were dancing, or at least swaying and we (Ah! but here's the rub....a largely middle aged / ancient crew ourselves) were all mouthing the words, singing along in some sort of communion. We don't need no national anthem but a little bit of Rock, I'd say, is no bad thing.