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Give The Drummer Radio

PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:18 am
by DavidM
Here's a wonderfully varied internet radio programme streamed out of Jersey City in the US. It has a continuous music stream as well as a number of individual presenters who do their own shows. I've been listening mainly to the continuous stream; no interruptions, no advertising or announcements just music straight through. And the music is fascinating, a real sound of the world selection; from the more familiar rhythm'n'blues, country, gospel and jazz to the unfamiliar East Asian pop, Bollywood, and all kinds of music from Africa, Cuba, Mexico and so on, past and present.

They say -
The finest in Micronesian doo-wop, Appalachian mambo, Turkish mariachi, pygmy yodeling of Baltimore, Portuguese juju, Cajun gamelan, tuba choirs form Mozambique, Inuit marching bands, Filipino free jazz, Egyptian kabuki theater, and throat singers of the Lower East Side.

Put simply, I can listen to this for hours without recognizing a single track or artist. Wonderful. My only difficulty is that there doesn't seem to be a playlist for the continuous stream, so if I want to find out about a track I have to go and look at the computer while it's still playing. After that, it's gone.