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Radio 2 Guitar Season

PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2014 5:15 am
by uiwangmike
A couple of days left to hear this excellent starter with Scotty Moore:
And all sorts of stuff to come over the summer: ... tar-season

Re: Radio 2 Guitar Season

PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:17 pm
by uiwangmike
This series is going very well. The latest edition (hosted by Johnnie Walker) with session guitarist/bassist Carol Kaye is available for another few days. She talks about playing for Sam Cooke, Phil Spector (she played on River Deep . . . ), Simon and Garfunkel, Ray Charles, and the Beach Boys among many others (and fails to say a single unkind word about anybody). Do listen if you can.

Re: Radio 2 Guitar Season

PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 3:39 pm
by john poole
Nice programme, wisely keeping well clear of the Motown controversy.

Radio 2 Guitar Season: Girl on Guitar

PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:51 pm
by uiwangmike
What with watching football all night and working all day, I almost missed this. A few days left to listen . . .
Girl on Guitar
Cerys Matthews celebrates the legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist Joni Mitchell.
Joni Mitchell is one of only two women to have made it onto Rolling Stone magazine's '100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time'. She's received eight Grammys and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award - the citation on which called her "one of the most important female recording artists of the rock era" and "a powerful influence on all artists who embrace diversity, imagination and integrity".

The programme includes the music that influenced her, her love of art, and examines how she writes her songs - as well as reflecting on her eclectic and prolific back catalogue.

Joni Mitchell writes lyrics that speak to the listener and in a career spanning over five decades she's produced folk, jazz and electronic influenced work which is known and loved around the world.

But it's for her guitar playing that many fans love her, and many fellow musicians look up to her. Almost every song Joni has written on the guitar uses non-standard tuning. This and her highly rhythmic strumming style creates a rich and unique guitar sound. Originally Joni tried to teach herself how to play from a Pete Seeger songbook. She never finished the book - Her left hand had been weakened by polio, and some of the fingerings were difficult. Joni didn't give up though - she started to create alternative tunings that allowed her to play each song. The programme features a demonstration of how those tunings were achieved.

Contributors include legendary folk singer Judy Collins - who had hits with Joni's 'Both sides now' and 'Circle Game' - synth-pop producer Thomas Dolby - who worked with Joni in the 1980s, musician Max Bennett - who worked on Joni's earlier albums and toured with her, TV and Radio Producer Trevor Dann - who profiled Joni for the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test, cultural commentator Kate Mossman, and musicians Jennifer Crook and Eddi Reader.

Re: Radio 2 Guitar Season

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:54 am
by uiwangmike
The latest episode is about Harold Bradley, who appears to have played on at least half of all the records I know.