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Billy Pigg & the Northumbrian Pipes

PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:53 am
by Chris P
The time had come to listen to the legendary Billy Pigg

I found this podcast of recordings from the 1960s (link above),and they note:
Billy Pigg himself says that when he was taught to play he was instructed to play the notes as though they were peas coming out of a pod. This is a perfect description of Pigg's distinctive approach to the pipes

And therein lies my problem with the Northumbrian pipes - that peas out of a pod sound (what a wonderful description) doesn't do a lot for me, I much prefer the keening, wailing, bending, milk-curdling, slurring (skirling if you must) sound of other bagpipes. Without Kathryn Tickell I wonder if the Northumbrian pipes would have much profile, certainly the excellent player Pauline Cato whose playing I've much enjoyed live (despite my lukewarm feelings about the instrument) is hardly a well known name

Possibly being a 'parlour instrument' has something to do with their limitations