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Why Cameras? Not Bread?: Resonance FM 5pm THIS FRIDAY

PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:29 am
by Outerglobe Debbie Golt
Friday 5th AUGUST @ 5pm UK Time worldwide 104.4fm londonwide

I'm in discussion with my guests Bona Shin & Tina Attoh of Theatre for All (Mertonbased , S Korean led great arts organisation) in Resonance FM's I'm Ready for My Close Up slot which features Film and Photography matters.

Why Cameras? Not Bread? is the title of a remarkable exhibition of photos taken by Zambian children with throwaway cameras showing their life through their own eyes. Their circumstances are plain however their day to day joy and fresh view shines through with pictures that speak far more directly than a million appeal images. The photos included were chosen by schoolchildren in London with interesting commentary about their choices which make strong reading. The project was produced and presented by Theatre for All who do a range of high quality community arts and created by CUMBA who are based in South Korea making a different triangle of creativity.

I'm looking forward to this show and invite you to join me!