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2008 - week 47 , from 23 November

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:37 pm
by Charlie
Inadvertently first posted as the show to be broadcast on Nov 16.

link to this programme: ... lett.shtml

Seq - Artist - Song Title - Album - Country - Label - Cat no

1 - Mario Lucio - Diogo e Cabral - Badyo - Cape Verde - Lusafrica - 02392-2

2 - CéU - Malemolência - CéU - Brazil - Six Degrees - 657036 1129-2

3 - Uun Budiman and the Jugala Gamelan Orchestra - Bayu Bayu (The Winds) - Banondari: New Directions in Jaipongan - Java (Indonesia) - Felmay - fy8098

4 - Rasha - Alara Alhai - Acoustic Arabia - Sudan - Putumayo - PUT 282-2

5 - Sir Victor Uwaifo - Iye Iye Oh - Guitar-Boy Superstar - Nigeria - SoundWay - SNDWCD012

6 - The Shadows - The Savage (*) - The Original Chart Hits 1960-1980 - UK - EMI - CDS7937522 (* see corrections below)

7 - Jonuzi Me Shoket - Vome Kaba - Sprigs of Time - Albania - Honest Jons - HJRCD36


As I go through each week’s pile of newly arrived releases, guided by assistant Lilly Ladjevardi, I copy and file the most arresting tracks on Real Player (which I prefer to the iTunes menu as a means of sequencing tracks, for no reason I can articulate), and begin to assemble a set of three playlists, usually bringing back one or two tracks played in previous weeks or months. If there was any inner logic behind this week’s selection, it eludes me now. Depending on how long you’ve been listening, you may recognise as many as four from earlier shows.

Mario Lucio

In a period when all the newly emerged singers from Cape Verde have been female, Mario Lucio stands almost alone. Previously leader of Simentera, an adventurous vocal group, Mario is a good although not remarkable singer,whose strength is in his arrangements, which use catchy backing vocals to frame his own lead voice.

CéU [photo:]

CéU’s debut album is over a year old and yet still spring surprises and new discoveries. Intriguingly, this has been the bestselling Brazilian album on Amazon for most of the year, despite no promotional interviews or performances. A true word-of-mouth record, which sets up a promising follow-up project Sonantes, also recorded in Saõ Paulo, to be featured in a forthcoming programme.

Rasha [photo: ]

Rasha is a Sudanese singer based in Spain, where her brother Wafir first came to attention as the saxophonist and flautist with the live formation of Radio Tarifa. On the two albums Rasha made during the late 1990s, one song stood out by a mile - ‘Alara Alhai’ attracted the attention of album compilers right from the start. Hamid Zagzoule included it on Tea in Marrakesh (still probably the best-ever compilation of popular music from the countries bordering the Sahara – Earthworks STEW44CD), and now the song reappears on Putumayo’s Acoustic Arabia.

Sir Victor Uwaifo

The Shadows

During the conversation a few months ago with the Nigeria guitarist Sir Victor Uwaifo, I asked him which Western guitarists he had listened to back in the 1960s and he immediately cited Hank Marvin of the The Shadows, who were the most popular British group in the era immediately before The Beatles changed everything both by singing and by dropping the choreographed stage movements that had been standard practice. Always melodic and rhythmic, The Shadows were remarkably consistent – I could have played any of a dozen tunes to make a valid musical connection to Victor’s own record.

Jonuzi Me Shoket [NB. the group pictured may not be them]

I played a track from The Sprigs of Time a few weeks ago. This is the collection culled from the archives of EMI Records by Mark Ainley of Honest Jons’s Records, with no evident principle behind the sequencing. If it sounds interesting, its turn comes next. Jonuzi Me Shoket is probably the first Albanian group I’ve ever played on the radio. Wonderful suspense in the track’s evolution – what will happen next?


PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:26 pm
by Charlie
email from:

1. Alan Werner, Oakland, Ca.

Hi Guys, Alan here in the SF Bay Area.

Did you know that your show comes on after the only other decent World Music Show in the states; this here on KALW in SF. Dory Stein's show Tangents. You guys should know each other, your programming is very similar.

I'm someone who put up your old buddy Strummer when he was here with Shane and the Pogues. Gave Joe a beater guitar...

Dore is at

Keep up the good work!


2. Irene, Colchester, Connecticut, USA


Your program is aired on my public radio station at around 3:30, 4:00 a.m. EST- what a pleasure to wake up to your musical compilations! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!!

3. kathryn hodgkinson, newcastle-on-tyne

hello Charlie,

I'm a just e-mailing because you said that you liked it when people did and to say that your show is great, really great, a breath of fresh air,

thank you



4. Hakan Koseoglu, High Wycombe

What a wonderful mix. I really liked the Albanian song. I hope there will be more similar tunes on my radio :)

Is there any way World of Music becomes a podcast? Please?


CG reply

regarding Podcast, see the separate thread on this topic (under the World Service umbrella heading)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:30 pm
by Charlie
OK, it should be here this time around, starting late on Friday night, UK time, and running through to the same time next week: ... lett.shtml

Note that the slider in iTunes has been disabled.

Copyright owners are paranoid about listeners finding the exact piece of music they like and then making a copy of it, a process so convoluted and inconvenient I can't imagine most people being bothered to try. They just want to confirm they like it, and then they'll go and buy an download. Won't they? Won't you?

Re: 2008 - week 47 , from 23 November

PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:49 pm
by Chris P
Charlie wrote:
3 - Uun Budiman and the Jugala Gamelan Orchestra - Bayu Bayu (The Winds) - Banondari: New Directions in Jaipongan - Java (Indonesia) - Felmay - fy8098

Just about to listen to this show & noticed you haven't said anything about this piece and group in your program notes above. Jugala is the group Mustapha Colin Bass worked with ?

Re: 2008 - week 47 , from 23 November

PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:22 pm
by Charlie
Chris Potts wrote:Just about to listen to this show & noticed you haven't said anything about this piece and group in your program notes above. Jugala is the group ex-Mustapha Colin Bass worked with ?

Indeed it is, well spotted. Colin has been presenting a show on Radio Multi Kulti in Berlin for the past few years, but that station is being phased out (closed down, in fact).

email messages, continued

PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:21 am
by Charlie
emails from:

5. John Cunliffem, Berastagi (Indonesia)

It wasn't Apache, it was The Savage


6. anne, London

just an old 'fan' of charlie from Radio London days, so glad yo are back on BBC - good especially when one cannot sleep Sunday nights/monday mornings before first day of working week. Not that the show puts me to sleep.

thanks Charlie!

7. Terry Abigail, Macclesfield


Listened to the program last night and was interested to hear you compare Uwaifo's Lye Lye Oh with the Shadows Apache. Unfortunately your researchers have made a small mistake. As a long time admirer of the Shadows (and Hank Marvin in particular) I can assure you that what you played was not Apache. I think it was The Savage.

Close, but no cigar !



8. Pauline Simons, Eski Foça,nr. Izmir,Turkey

I enjoyed Azara Alhai so much - particularly 2nd time round, listening to your programme again today on the Internet.

Just had to share the following with you (& hopefully others!) - After hearing what you said about Putumayo Records (I had already found a source here in Izmir at the Bornova Centre) I typed in putumayo records, immediately accessing their Website - quite fab & so easy (at least for me!) to use. My Christmas trolley will be full shortly!

Congrats to them (& you!) Pauline Simons, Eski Foça,nr. Izmir,Turkey
9. Pauline Simons, Eski Foça,nr. Izmir,Turkey

Me again! This is a 2nd attempt to email you about Putumayo Records - just didn't want to miss the chance to say how great (and easy to access) their website is - I also mentioned a good source for their CDs in Izmir (Bornova Centre) - congrats to them & you Charlie - can't stop listening to Azara Alhai by Rasha!


10. Diz Heller,

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for this one! I enjoyed the selection, especially Mario Lucio, CéU, the Gamelan group and Rasha.

The real treat for me, however, was the Albanian group Jonuzi Me Shoket.
In 1992 I stayed in Albania for 3 months (teaching job at Uni in Tirana) and had all sorts of interesting and strange adventures, including a mugging, from which I managed to escape unscathed.

I like the archaic nature and utter strangeness of much of Albanian rural traditional music (urban music shows Turkish influence).

Looking forward to next week's selection.

Cheers, Diz


11. paul, BARCELONA


Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the programme.

I live in Barcelona and have lived in Brasil and Peru so I love listening to the South American tracks and the other tracks from around the world.

Great programme! If you´d like an on-line Spanish teacher let me know!

Hasta luego,



12. Kevin Finn, Crieff, Perthshire

Thank you for introducing some wonderful music to me, that I wouldn't have heard but for your show. May I point out one small detail to the programme please? You did, in fact, play The Shadows' 'The Savage', NOT 'Apache'! You may already know this by now of course, but just in case....!
Thank you again for some superb sounds.

Kevin Finn