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2008 - week 42, from 19 October

PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:00 pm
by Charlie
Seq Artist - Song Title - Album - Country - Label - Cat no

1 Mariza - Beijo de Saudade (feat Tito Paris) - Terra - Portugal/ Cape Verde - EMI - 50999 2 29423 2

2 Amadou Sodia - Sini - Ça Va Se Savoir (That Will be Known) - Guinea Conakry - Sterns - STCD 1107

3 Niyaz - Beni Beni - Nine Heavens - Iran/USA - Six Degrees - 657036 1150 2

4 Kiran Ahluwalia - Yakeenan - Wanderlust - India - World Connection - WC 43070

5 Julien Jacob - Dierel - Barham - Benin - Tropical Music - 68 868

6 Up Bustle & Out, with Şevval Sam - Yol Türküsü - Istanbul's Secrets - UK/Turkey - Collision - CCT3017-2


Mariza; Tito Paris

Mariza’s new album has been warmly received in this forum and I liked it too at first. But at the moment I’m finding it a bit stark overall, and have honed in on the two duets, one with Buika, the other with Tito Paris, featured here, in both of which Mariza’s voice seems to get warmer through her interchanges with the other singer.

Amadou Sodia

Amadou Sodia is evidently a well-known figure in Guinea Conakry, but Ça Va Se Savoir (That Will be Known) is his first bid for international acclaim. Sponsored by Ibrahim Syllart, arranged by Kante Manfila, the album has many of the qualities of Salif Keita’s recent releases without (inevitably) matching the unearthly reach of Salif’s voice.


Niyaz is a trio of Iranians based in Los Angeles whose previous albums have been too close to generic electronica for my taste. Nine Heavens takes a more traditional turn, sounding quite Kurdish at times, and I’m hooked on track 1, ‘Beni Beni’.

Kiran Ahluwalia

Also based in North America, the Indian singer Kiran Ahluwalia currently lives in Toronto, having previously worked in the New York office of Putumayo Records. There’s a brave variety to the range of instruments and idioms, and I can see why the album is showing up in some forum contributors’ lists of top tens of 2008.

Julien Jacob

When I played ‘Dierel’ from Julien Jacob’s Barham album before, it was available only on his own self-released label. Now it’s been picked up for Europe-wide distribution by the German label, Tropical. Julien is one of a handful of fascinating African singer songwriters based in France, along with Wasis Diop and Lokua Kanza. I wonder what they would be like as a trio. Or even on a bill together, playing both individually and together.

Sevval Sam

Up, Bustle & Out is the Bristol-based project run by a man who called himself Señor Roody when I first ran across him ten years ago. Back then, Cuban music was his fascination, soon joined in his affections by Jamaican ragga and dancehall. Now we find him working his way around the Mediterranean, with a longest stay in Istanbul where singer Sevval Sam contributed to several songs.


PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 5:13 pm
by Charlie
email from:

1 Ihsan Murat GOk, Ahmedi-Kuwait

Hi Charlie,

Although Niyaz is from Iran, she is singing in Turkish. The song (Beni Beni, myself myself) is Turkish. It composed by Sabahat Akkiraz. I believe that Niyaz is Azeri since appreciable amount Azeri people live in Iran and can speak Turkish.

You find the Sabahat’s video in YouTube: