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2008 - week 14, from 5 April

PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 11:42 am
by Charlie
Seq - Artist - Song Title - Album - Country - Label - Cat no

1 - Shantel - Koupes (I'll Smash Glasses) feat Brenna MacCrimmon - Disko Partizani - Germany/ Canada - Crammed - CRAW41

2 - DJ Click - Sevgilim (feat Tansay Omar) - Flavour - France / Turkey - No Fridge - CDNØ9SP

3 - Neco Novellas - Hi Rwama - Ku Khata (New Dawn) - Mozambique - World Connnection - WC 43068

4 - Compay Segundo - Me Diras que sabroso - Cuban Pearls Vol 2 - Cuba - Syllart - 6133122

5 - Simphiwe Dana - Bantu Biko Street - The One Love Movement on Bantu Biko Street - South Africa - Gallo - 2564 69990-7

6 - Taksim Trio - Bicare - Taksim Trio - Turkey - Doublemoon - DM 0040


When I played tracks by DJ Dolores and DJ Click on BBC Radio 3 recently, two long-time and consistently supportive listeners protested loudly in this forum. “Awfulâ€


PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:12 pm
by Charlie
email from

1. Arnaud Ntirenganya Emmanuel, Rwandan in cameroon

Hi Charlie,

thank you very much for the music from Mozambique "Hi Rwama" by "Neco Novellas" and "Bantu Biko Street" by "Simphiwe Dana" from SA.

Indeed very Inspirational


2. Dimitris Ioannou

Hello: I enjoyed your program a couple of days ago (Saturday 4/5).

There was some "uncertainty" about the language that the song "Koupes" was sang in. It was actually in Greek; it is a well known song in Greece, and Koupes means big plates, or bowels in Greek. The singer though was most likely from Turkey (judging from her accent).


3. Name: Dr Omar Janneh, Coleraine

Brilliant music.

It is shame it is on late in the UK

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:10 pm
by garth cartwright
Hi Charlie - is the show not now 9.30 am on Sat? I staggered out of bed to listen but it didn't appear to be on. So listened again and a few thoughts. First off, I quite like some of Shantel's earlier remixes - bubblegum but they had hooks and worked well for the dancefloor. It's the rest of the remix stuff that is so bad - the Electric Gypsyland CDs being execrable. But Shantel's solo album . . . it's dire, almost comedy. Jamie's rev in fR said it all. the flatness of the rhythm on the tune u played - definitely not 'dance' by dance club standards. Ditto Click tho he had the better vocalist - I didn't like Brenna's contributions to Salim's album either. You say you have always played dance music - sure, but all music is dance music if you look at it like that: I've seen kids dance to metal and goth bands. As far as electronic dance music as we know it, well, i certainly don't recall u playing much house, techno, jungle etc. If u were really reflecting cutting edge dance then you'd be playing Berlin minimalism right now. But you don't get sent it and its not "worldy" enough for you. Must say that your greatest weakness as a DJ - beyond thinking the likes of Camille, Claudia and co sound as good as they look - is when it comes to contemporary Western music. Even on yr superb Sound Of The City series its the final tracks that fall at the hurdles. U don't listen to rap or electronic dance tunes so when they arrive with a worldy attire - re the Nigerian rappers covering Eminen or the ridiculous Somalian rapper imitating Em - u get all excited. Same with this dance stuff. Maybe time for you to buy a copy of MixMag and The Source and invest in a few releases they rate? Beyond that, a nice show (4 out of 6) and the Mozambique tune was lovely. Time for a Cachao track to remember the great man, ay?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:18 am
by Charlie
garth cartwright wrote:Hi Charlie - is the show not now 9.30 am on Sat?

It's been moved to Sundays, Garth, same three time slots, a day later. Nobody told me

Thanks for all your other comments, and mostly feel the same way as you do about programmed dance tracks

I just think these work better than you think they do. And as you might see from other comments posted this week and last, other listeners like them too, especially the DJ Click track with the Romanian opera singer from a week or two ago.