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2008 - week 9, from 1 March

PostPosted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 12:03 pm
by Charlie
seq - artist - title - album - country - label - cat no

1 - Kobo Town - Corbeaux Following - Independence - Trinidiad/Canada - Kobotown - KOBO 001

2 - Soha - Mon Rêve À Moi - D'Ici et D'ailleurs - France/Egypt - Virgin - 099950 318124

3 - Djivan Gasparyan - A Cool Wind is Blowiing - I will Not Be Sad in This World - Armenia - All Saints - HNCD 1493

4 - Burkino Electric - Mdelé - Rêem Tekré - Burkino Faso/USA - Ata Tak - WRS04

5 - Violeta Parra - Que Dira El Santos Padre - Che Guevara - lucha por la vida - Argentina - Milan - 399 160-2

6 - Yerba Buena - Solito Me Quede - Follow Me - USA/Venezuela - Wrasse - WRASS 194


Too often, once I’ve found the track I like on a new album, I just stick to it and don’t go back to give the rest a second chance. But this week starts out with two alternatives to the bright and shiny songs that first caught my ear.

Kobo Town

Kobo Town is the Toronto-based project of singer-songwriter Drew Gonsalves, whose album Independence is like a series of short films shot in his home town of Port of Spain, Trinidad. In each verse of ‘Corbeaux Following’, Drew meets a different character on a street corner with his or her own story to tell. Currently without distribution in the UK, Independence can be ordered from Kobo Town’s own website, and is worth the effort:


Having picked out ‘C’est Mieux Comme Ca’ as being much the best track on the debut album by new French singer Soha, D'Ici et D'ailleurs, I was surprised when forum contributor Howard Male waxed ecstatic about several more of the songs. Going back to listen again, I don’t quite share all his enthusiasms, but agree on the quality of ‘Mon Rêve À Moi’, in which Soha playfully sings along with herself a la Camille.

Djivan Gasparyan

The German label Network Medien has made a specialty of releasing book-shaped, double CD compilations, usually of various artists but most recently honing in on the career of Djivan Gasparyan, the master duduk player from Armenia. For many, our first exposure was via the album I Will Not Be Sad in This World, drawn from recordings in the archives of the Russian state record company and released in the 1980s on Brian Eno’s label, All Saints. Perversely, the new compilation does not include the best-known and most memorable tune from that introductory album, ‘A Cool Wind is Blowing’, while including many recordings with larger ensembles that tend to smother the impact of Djavan’s lonesome flute. I recommend seeking out the album on All Saints, and especially its first track.

Maï Lingani & Lukas Ligeti

There’s a great imbalance in our exposure to music from Africa – Mali, Senegal and South Africa are very well represented, for instance, but when was the first or last time you heard anyone from Burkino Faso? Electronica musician Lukas Ligeti sets out to help by showcasing vocalist Maï Lingani and guitarist Wende K. Blass in the experimental project, Burkino Electric. From the information on the album cover, I can’t tell if Lukas himself is based in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he made the recording, or Brooklyn, New York, where he can be contacted at .

Violeta Parra

Further exploration of Lucha por la vida, the compilation of songs dedicated to the spirit and memory of Che Guevara, yields the lovely ballad ‘Que dira al santos padre’ by Violeta Parra, the famous Chilean singer whose biographical details are neatly summed up in the ever-valuable Wikipedia website:

Yerba Buena

Finally, another pass through another album unearths ‘Solito me quede’ from Follow Me by Yerba Buena, the New York-based project led by Venezuelan musician Andres Levin.


PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:00 pm
by Charlie
emails from

1. Arnaud Ntirenganya Emmanuel, Rwandan in Cameroon

the sound corbeaux following was terrific, I wish you could replay it again for me one day.



Unable to sleep after cancer treatment, I suddenly heard this amazing programme. I found this music so inspirational and the artist Djivan Gasparyan unbelievably soothing. I have been desperately trying to find out which programme I heard it all on as I was half asleep! So thank you so much - I hope I can buy the CDs. Jean Thebault


3. David Macfarlane, Dumfries

Rather startled by Charlie Gillett's assertion on WoM that one Armenian musician holds pre-eminence, since the first to come to my mind was Arto Tuncboyaciyan. He was born in Istanbul but certainly considers himself Armenian and markets his music as such. As a comparatively recent winner of a Radio 3 World Music Award I would be surprised if he was not first Armenian musician to occur to a few of the audience. Have nothing against Djivan Gasparyan and what have heard of his music impressed.

Djivan Gasparyan's ‘A Cool Wind is Blowing’ .............

PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 3:39 pm
by Eddie Punch
Djivan Gasparyan's ‘A Cool Wind is Blowing’ is going to keep me busy for months and months transposing it for slide guitar à la Debashish Bhattacharya. What a find and what a beautiful tune.

Thanks Charlie

Eddie Punch

PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 5:18 pm
by Des
The magnificent Djivan Gasparyan tune was the standout track for me. I also loved Burkino Electric, with its swirling electronica, jazzy guitar and haunting vocal.

The Kobo Town number was highly reminiscent of Alan Price's 'No Don't Stop the Carnival'!

Violeta Parra had a very compelling but beautifully understated power to her voice - a great and passionate song.

The Yerba Buena track was highly enjoyable - infectious and uplifting.

I found Soha rather tedious I'm afraid, and if this is the best track perhaps I'll not be investigating further.