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Sending coals back to Newcastle

PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 11:15 am
by Charlie
This is an email from Carlos Bittar in Paraguay, reporting that as a result of hearing the London-based Paraguayan harp player Kike Pedersen in a live session on the World Service, Carlos has invited him to come and play at a festival in Paraguay together with Kadialy Kouyate, the Senegalese kora player with whom Kike also did a World Service session.


HELLO.... i got to listen to kike pedersen in your program for the first time.... he played for yasmin levi...he left very young this country that's why never hear of him... but anyway this kora player is coming here for a harp wrote an article on both on them...kouyate is coming recommended by pedersen...i always listen you every week....and i learn stuff thank to your show....regards carlos

Asunción, Paraguay, Lunes 29 de Octubre de 2007
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