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PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:01 am
by Charlie
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1. Artemis Burton, Ipswich, Suffolk


Just to say a million thanks for your splendid programme. However, I am perplexed that to date, you have not played the music common to West African countries like Ghana and Nigeria of the music called Highlife.

Some well known names are Papa Yankson, Pat Thomas, E.T. Mensah, Felix Owusu, Kojo Akwabua etc. Mali is not the only West African country rich in its musical heritage.

Anyway, power to your elbow, as they say!



CG reply:

You are right that this music is not represented often enough, partly because the CDs by current performers from those countries are no so easily available (laziness on my part, I should go and look for them).

In my defence, I did do a whole show with Victor Uwaifo last year, on the phone to Lagos. And coming up on Radio 3 in October will be Teddy Osei from Osibisa.


2. ssteve sayre, kurtistown, hawaii, usa

i listen to you periodically very enjoyable i am so grateful that bbc has not "upgraded" to a player that does not accommodate slow internet connections i live in a rural part of hawaii and do not have access to high speed i'm sure many people worldwide are in the same boat how about some highlife or merengue

ssteve sayre


3. Mrs Sophie Edwards, Battlesden , Beds, UK

Hi! I just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to your next show, very much enjoyed by this disabled stroke victim, especially the Louisiana old blues records. I leave the radio on all night and wake up to your show, often dancing in bed!

Very, many thanks Charlie, you are a well kept secret but I am telling all my friends about you!

Mrs Sophie Edwards


4. Clive Sutherland, Nonthaburi ,Thailand

Charlie, have avidly listened 2u on BBC [when awake].

Now in Thailand a lot & can hear about 10am and then on +iplayer. Should be more.

Do u know of 'Passion 4 Planet'? Only about 10% world.

I'm sure u know the excellent Putumayo label? Impossible to get in UK but I can find 'copies' here.

Brilliant & some real gems u might not know ?

I would like to get old/new of your compiles. How ?

Just seen you website, can they be sent here ?

PLUS any way to get/hear your previous progs this years or others?

regards Clive

PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:53 pm
by Charlie
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1. Nishad Hussain Kaippally. Kerela, India

Dear Mr. Gillett

I have been a listener to your show on the BBC for about a decade. I have listened to you on radio and now on the internet. I have great respect for your choice of music. You have opened my mind to several musical avenues which were invisible to most mainstream media.

However, I have one grievance. I hail from India. To be precise, from the beautiful state of Kerala. We have a great musical tradition and have evolved from being a Dutch, French and British colony to be one of the most colorful and Musically vibrant states in the country. Our music has been a confluence of North Indian, Western, and recently even Arabic musical traditions.

I am amazed and to some extend disappointed that you have also ignored our entire Southern region, comprising of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh from 'Your' World Music. By world music if mean Europe, North Africa, and Latin America, then I must say your world is rather tiny.

BBC World Service's News department has categorically ignored The State of Kerala in their news programs. I have almost given up trying to convince them to change their attitude in this matter. Please don't follow their example Charlie.


Nishad Hussain Kaippally
Phone +971 50 868 0 968

PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:15 pm
by Charlie
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1. Jill Bromley, Singapore

Hi Charlie

When will World Music include something for those of us with Anglo-Celtic heritage who have been alienated from the music and history of OUR culture by generations of poverty and migration? My ancestors left England, Scotland and Ireland in 1830's and I live in Singapore.

The only time I hear anyone on the BBC talking about MY cultural
heritage- they are making fun of it. How can you in the UK appreciate the music of other cultures and deny your own and in doing so deny the rest of us our heritage?

One incident particularly sticks in my mind - when I heard presenters making fun of Morris Dancing. It could be more popular than line dancing if the BBC promoted it? Other times I have heard traditional music being used as a background to other programs - I come running to the radio to hear what it is and who was playing - only to find it is not even acknowledged. I still want to know who was singing a song about sweet thames flow softly which was a background to a program about rubbish in the Thames!

Your programme and others on the BBC champion the cause of other cultures to maintain their cultural heritage ... and I'm sure the BBC is the main repository of the cultural heritage of the Britain; the music, the history, the humour etc. ... but we hear less and less of it ...
there's always some lame excuse.

What other access do we have? It is not commercially available, we cannot go back there to live ... we cannot even visit unless there's a lot of spare cash.

Violent US rubbish dominates the TV because of Free Trade agreements and lack of effort from British program holders? Don't tell me we can listen online because that is also out of economic reach of many people.

Please forward my email to the decision-makers as appropriate.

Jill Bromley


PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:30 pm
by Charlie
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1. Anne Miller, Chorley, Lancashire

Could we , please, have a break from too much 'themed' or 'fusion' playlists? As a collector of genuine world music of over 50 years, I grow weary of middle eastern 'belly dance' songs and interminable Caribbean jazz.

How about a selection of true, instrumental tracks, featuring the ney and oud ..... or how about some of mine, eg recorded in Uzbekistan and featuring men who built the instruments, played the music and allowed me to tape the result ?

Anne Miller

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:55 am
by Charlie
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1. Herbie Cullen, Nairobi Kenya

Hi Charlie

Many thanks for the wonderful music over the years. I may have missed it if you have played it but have you ever played Omera John (My Brother John) by Geoffrey Oryema originally from Northern Uganda?

If you are familiar with this man can you recommend anything else you may have played? It is an awesome song, very powerful about the loss of a loved one in this case his brother obviously. Take care and all the best from sunny Kenya

Herbie Cullen


2. Nancy Karimi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dear Charlie,

I am a die hard fan!! You have a very young voice for someone who
started presenting in the 70s.

I am from Africa, resident in Dubai and I tune in all the time. I also
happen to be a freelance radio presenter so you can say I have a 'good

Keep up the good work.

Nancy Karimi


3. Gabriel Chang

I have been enjoying this programme for about 2 years now and don't think I have heard any east Asian music on the programme before. Will there be any down the road?



CG reply: after my recent trip to South Korea, you can expect to hear some in the near future

4. Cor Huibers, Muscat, Oman

Last weekend's music was a good one, I like the music from Cuba and other latin american sounds, also this time when you broadcasted trio ensembles.

I have a record from "Misa Griola", which is an south american latin mass (a little religeous, maybe). I have worked last year in yemen, and they have good music too, a little hard yo listen for large audiences, I suppose.
I will keep tuning in

Cor Huibers - Oman


5. Allard Jansen, katmandu, nepal

My daughter (21 months) can now dance with me on your lovely music which I even listen at while being in beautiful Aughanistan. Unfortunately we, boss and I had different way of thinking about Nurdistan and getting it better over there. Was never in danger there, although it is a most difficult place. That's why I dance with my daughter. She as well has to learn to listen to good music!

Allard Jansen, katmandu nepal


6. Gabriela, London

Last year with the financial meltdown I started to avidly listen to radio & Robert Peston but what joy to discover Charlie Gillett.

In my native Romania we loved music from all over the world Los Paraguayos were my father’s favourites they gave concerts in Bucharest.

I thought I was dreaming when I heard them on your programme You had legends in their own country recently.

Ours was Maria Tanase genuine folk gypsy music she was our Piaf.

Thank you for great world music more please...

Gabriela, London


7. Peter Smith, York, England

Just wanted to say thank you to Charlie Gillett for his wonderful World of Music program: as someone who is often awake with back pain in the night, I am always pleasantly surprised at the brilliant choice of music which I find very stimulating and a very refreshing change to the manufactured sounds of more mainstream programs and stations. Long may the program continue to introduce me (and others!) to music which is so full of life and vigour from all over the world. Keep up the (very) good work!

Peter Smith


8. Dhr. B..Wilde

Dear Sir,

Over the years the quality of radio, both UK and in many other countries has deteriorated. The news is longer believable or relevant,hyped or condescending crap from the pompous classes, and the music stations pump out rubbish ( even according to many young people to whom the stations are directed), rubbish which is presented by computer program and not a DJ or regular human presenter. And yet Your show remains, Thank You !
1,000,000 and more times Thank You, Mr. Gillett.
I have missed more than a few shows, and yet now go back to listen to what i have missed online. I still listen to and prefer the radio, and can listen to an airwaves broadcast without the extra charges incurred and adding to the the ridiculously over consumptive of energy use required to power the networks required for online listening (how backward can we get than to change to a high consuming cable grid when the airways are relatively free, and open.

PLEASE PLEASE remain online, and thank You for promoting real music, from the past and the present.

You're the best, Charlie. And, since the loss of Mr Peel, one of only a few left.

with the greatest Respect,



PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:22 am
by Charlie
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1. Mrs Serena Hamilton, Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga

Hi Charlie,

A couple of weeks ago you did a programme on island music which featured music from Jamaica and Zanzibar among other places.

I am living in the Kingdom of Tonga a small yet beautiful group of islands in the South Pacific. Perhaps it would be nice to do another Island Show of the music from the South Pacific as I am sure this is not often done.

Unfortunately we can only receive the BBC WS on a Sunday when the local radio station which blocks the WS is closed for the day.


Mrs Hamilton, Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:54 pm
by Charlie
1. Ouidah Smith, Jamaica

Have enjoyed Charlie Gillett's programme over the years.
Would Charlie consider featuring a track form the late Sonny Bradshaw, a remarkable Jamaican Jazz musician and trumpeter who died recently in London. Thank you.
Ouidah Smith


CG reply. His recent death was noted in the obituary section, but I confess to being unfamiliar with his work. will investigate

a reuqest for more Africna music

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:22 am
by Charlie
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1. hussein, stockholm sweden

hi charlie my name is hussein i am from somalia by origin and living in sweden. i like your show and i am a regular listener to your world of music hearing african legends but i have discovered is i have never heard you talking about somali music. is it that there no legend musician or you have forgoten about somali musician? please bring some somali music to the show ilike thank you



CG reply: I don't know much about Somali music, Hussein and wonder which artists I should be looking out for.