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Request for music from the Pacific Coast of Colombia

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:12 am
by Charlie
email from Victor Lerman Nemessio, Palmira, Valle, Colombia, South

I would like to hear music from the Pacific coast of Colombia.

¿May I?

Nice program.



Yes, Victor,

does Fonseco count?

Please send me some suggestions



Hello Charlie.

Glad to read your reply.

Fonseca doesn´t count because that is not Colombian Pacific Music.

Some suggestions are:

Socavón, Grupo Saboreo, Markitos Micolta, Grupo Naidy, Grupo Bahia, Buscajá, Integración Porteña and the best, Peregoyo y su combo vacaná.

Your program is very "Chevere" (good, nice, cool, etc.)

OK my friend.

Please be well and thank you so much.