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2007 - week 18, from 5 May

PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 10:39 am
by Charlie
Seq - Artist - Song Title - Album - Country - Label - Cat no

1 - Tinariwen - Tamatant Tilay - Aman Iman - Mali - Independiente - ISOM 65CD

2 - Cheb Mami - Douni el Bladi - Maghreb Soul: Cheb Mami Story, 1986-1990 - Algeria - Because - 3117142

3 - Esma Redzepova - Devel Upral Dikhela - Gypsy Carpet - Macedonia - Network medien - 495116

4 - LaXula - La Luna - LaXula - UK/Spain - LaXula - promo

5 - Mayra Andrade - Comme S'il en Pleuvait - Navega - Cape Verde/France - RCA Victor - 82876 817802

6 - Andy Palacio - Gaganbabidá - Watina - Belize - Stonetree - CMB-CD 3



It’s been quite a while since The Rolling Stones received a kind word in print, as journalists snipe at their age, their ticket prices and their lack of creativity. But their fans don’t care, and the guys go on making millions. One thing to be said in their favour, they always make enterprising choices for their support acts. Back in the 1960s and early 70s, they introduced their audience to B.B.King, Stevie Wonder and Ike and Tina Turner. Now it’s the turn of Tinariwen, whose bluesy groves are tailor-made for people who still like the Stones. Even Andy Gill, music reviewer for The Independent, and David Hepworth, publisher of Word, champion the cause of Tinariwen. The breakthrough starts here.


In a series of five reissues of Algerian Rai music from the late 1980s, all subtitled Maghreb Soul: 1986-1990, the surprise standout is the album by Cheb Mami. Perhaps misled by his duet with Sting, I’ve had Mami down as a sort of Paul Young to Cheb Khaled’s Otis Redding, but how wrong could I be? He sings with fire and emotion, and this album is among the best reissues of the year, released on Because, the label behind Amadou & Mariam’s best-selling Dimanche a Bamako.


Esma Redzepova is one of several legendary singers of the Balkans who are belatedly being recorded and marketed for the rest of the world. Gypsy Carpet is unlikely to make her a household name, but ‘Devel Upral Dikhela’ sounds fine.

photo of LaXula copyright Stephen Dray

LaXula is a Spanish singer based in London whose band recently played at Sadlers Wells, part of the annual La Linea festival of Spanish-speaking music. I missed it, but heard reports of fire eaters and snake charmers in a riveting set that put the headliners to shame. To my ears, LaXula is among the outstanding artists based in the UK right now, and I look forward to welcoming her to the foyer stage at the Barbican on the afternoon of Sunday May 27th, when I will also be talking with Camille, K’Naan and Gilles Peterson. It’s all free, folks, so come along and say


The Sunday before that, May 20th, Mayra Andrade will make her UK debut at the Purcell Rooms as part of the London African Music festival on the South Bank. Born in Havana, Cuba, to parents from Cape Verde, Mayra moved around quite a bit as they were posted to various other cities, before settling in Paris where she recorded her first album Navega. The album has become one of my favourites of the moment, and I’ve just learned it will be released in the UK on Sterns in September.

CG, Andy Palacio and Katharina Lobeck, at WOMEX 2002 [photo by Sean Barlow of Afropop]

It’s been great to see what a positive reception Andy Palacio’s album Watina has had from reviewers across the board in the UK. Hopefully the impact will be sustained when he tours in June. As they say on the t-shirts back home, You Better Belize It.

PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 10:46 pm
by Gordon Neill
An excellent show this week, I thought. Quite an uptempo, perky set of songs. And, despite my reservations about hearing the whole album in one go, I even liked the Tinariwen track.

The best of the bunch, for me, was the Laxula track, 'La Luna'. Catchy song and terrific driving guitar, marred only slightly by the flute thing (I'm not a flute person). There was a suggestion that, although the album isn't yet available, tracks can be downloaded. I found four Laxula travcks on, but they don't include 'La Luna'.


PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 11:50 pm
by Charlie

1. Tahir Shafiq, Pakistan

Hi Charlie

i like ur program very much.

it really provides me the information about the world music.

I really like it very much.



2. Louis Massano, Jersey City, New Jersey USA

Great show on May 6, 2007 Sunday ending at 8 pm here in New Jersey via XM Radio!

Not a single track that wasn't perfectly performed and interesting!

Bis! Bis!


3. A Jonty Butler, Brighton, UK

Listening to Mayra Andrade half asleep last night was mesmerising - confirmed today by "listen again". I've looked on the net but where oh where can I buy a copy of Navega?? If the track you played was anything to go by I will be in Nirvana!! Hope to hear from you. JONTY


Thanks Jonty

Please see my bulletin, posted every week on my website for details of Mayra's album

She plays the Purcell Rooms on May 20th - I'll be there, will you?



3. B Jonty Butler, Brighton, UK (sent 31 May)

Hiya - I'm crap/dinosaur at checking messages but many thanks for this.

Got a copy via Amazon I think, and the album is truly fab. I am in NIRVANA let alone NAVEGA. Missed, obviously, 20.5 - when is she around next??

jonty B


Maybe the London Jazz Festival in November



4. John Moore, Stanley, England

What a track Charlie. Tamatant Tillay by Tinariwen. If you can stop yourself from moving while listening to this you defy the intrinsic human rhythm!

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 11:33 am
by Gordon Neill
Jonty asked

... where oh where can I buy a copy of Navega? has it for £14, but you can get it cheaper on Amazon marketplace.