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Carlinhos Brown - two corrections

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2005 11:41 am
by Charlie
Referring to Carlinhos in two different programmes, I managed to make a serious error in each of them.

On Radio 2, I said he took his last name in tribute to James Brown.

But as the bio posted in the World Service topic makes clear, it was H Rap Brown that Carlinhos was paying homage to.

H Rap Brown was a leading black political activist in the US in the 60s, a contemporary of Stokely Carmichael (who married Miriam Makeba) and Eldridge Cleaver. All three became spokesmen for the emerging movements of I'm black and I'm proud consciousness at the time.

When the media wanted to interview him, H Rap insisted on being interviewed by black journalists.

As there was not even one black reporter working for network TV in the US at the time, ABC-TV scouted for a likely candidate and honed in on a friend of mine, Charles Hobson, presenter on a current affairs show at a listener subscription radio station in New York.

Charles duly did the interview with H Rap and was then offered a regular job on national TV, where he worked for several years.

As I mention in the acknowledgements of my book The Sound of the City, Charles had been an invaluable help when I was researching the exciting rhythm and blues music of black Americans of the early 1950s, that we had never heard in the UK at the time.

On the World Service, I suggested that Carlinhos and Marisa Monte were married to each other.

Clair McFadden, who works at the management company Posto Nove in Barcelona, set me straight:

"Carlinhos isn't married to Marisa Monte, he's married to Helena Buarque
(daughter of Chico, cousin of Bebel Gilberto), they have been together for
about 10 years."