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Afrospot at The Forge

PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2014 10:15 pm
by Cricket Jam
Afrospot Outfit has eight or ten personals, a world number one interpreter of Agbajazz, the fusion of Agbadja the traditional music and dance from the Ewe tribe (Togo, Ghana, Benin), its rhythms and time signatures with Jazz and its western influences. This outfit boasts high quality members as Baba Adesose Wallace (Heart Beat, Ibile) on percussions and vocals, Kofi Adu (Highlife International) “drums and percussions”, Idris Rahman (Soothsayers) “tenor sax and flute”, Emanuel Afram (Osibissa) “ Bass”, Nick Walters “Trumpet” , Patrick Hachett (Yesking) “Guitar” and other stars of the World Music scene in the UK.

This band is all about the joyous sounds of Agbadja, Highlife the indigenous authentic dance music of West Africa throughout the whole nineties with a touch of Reggae. Led by charismatic Kodjovi Kush, bassist in Soothsayers and Yesking, African music ambassador extraordinaire. Guitars shine, horns sing, bass and percussion blaze in a true band of all-stars.

Join us at one of Camden's best music venue the "Forge" for a night of vibrant West African Sounds at Afrospot. -

See you all there.