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Mark's programme today - Sunday 21 Nov (here in Turkey)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:14 pm
by kastamonu
Just so wonderful - listening to the Bundu Boys - Hatisi Tose - played by Charlie last year on his programme as I remember - thinking of him again today & how he played football with the boys on Clapham Common many many years ago - he said how most of them have died (of HIV/AIDS) now - a sad & levelling thought following the Pope's recent message on condoms - I'm certainly not religious but just maybe a step in the right direction......such a huge problem in Africa though - still listening to Hatisi Tose in the background - haunting and gorgeous....(have also been loving Mark's comments on the programme about it's impending end - he's a star & I hope he gets to see some of our posts on this forum - he mentions emails so at least those are getting through & the address for letters is BBC Bush House London I believe. Sorry to ramble a bit - just really glad to be back on the Forum.