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2010 - wk 23 from 5th June

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:25 pm
by Andrewq
In case you think it's all over - it's not yet
This week music from Mali, Cape Verde, Uganda/USA and Tanzania.
( As I said - come back Alan- I think I need glasses)

Re: 2010 - wk 23 from 5th June

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:46 pm
by Alan
Thanks Andrew, sorry for the delay in posting this - it's a beautiful programme

2010 - wk 23 from 5th June Africa - West to East (rpt)

Listen again via this link from 5 June 2010 11.30pm for 7 days

First broadcast in Sept 2006 Full details of playlist and Charlie's original bulletin here ... eptember06 and viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3038
World Service page link

Charlie’s bulletin from September 2006

Two compilation albums arrived in the same day’s mail, West Africa Unwired and Acoustic Africa. On the first, Issa Bagayogo’s ‘Ciew Nawale’ confirms what an original sound he has, the interplay of his voice, his kamel-ngoni and the female backing group. On the second is yet another alluring female singer from Cape Verde, a new name to me, Gabriele Mendes.

Having picked out these tracks to play, I couldn’t resist setting them up with the masterful duet between two of the greatest singers from Mali & Cape Verde, ‘Yamore’ by Salif Keita and Cesaria Evora, track one on Salif’s album Moffou. Four years after its release, that album grows steadily stronger, and now sits in my all-time top ten. ‘Yamore’ is the opening track and fascinates me because at times I can’t tell which of them is singing – usually so open-throated and almost operatic, Salif holds back and sings as softly as Cesaria always does. The rhythm is closer to Cape Verde than Mali, but they both ride comfortably in its gentle, lapping sway.

Having championed West African music on the radio for nearly twenty five years, I’m trying to redress the balance by paying more attention to music from countries on the opposite side of the continent. The recently-released Rough Guide to the Music of Tanzania is a big help, almost every track good enough to play. The Mlimani Park Orchestra was the leading band of Tanzania through the 1980s, and while best-known for its rousing horn section, its singers were great too, as demonstrated on ‘Rehama’.

1. Salif Keita & Cesaria Evora
Title: Yamore
Album: Moffou
Label: Universal
Catalogue No: 8527 Country: Mali/Cape Verde
Email/Web Link:

2. Issa Bagayogo
Title: Ciew Nawale
Album: West Africa Unwired
Label: World Music Network
Catalogue No: RGNET1169CD Country: Mali
Email/Web Link:

3. Gabriela Mendes
Title: Tradição
Album: Acoustic Africa
Label: Putumayo
Catalogue No: PUTU254-2 Country: Cape Verde
Email/Web Link: ... bum_id=222

4. Samite
Title: Nawe Okiwulira
Album: Embalasasa
Label: Ryko/Trikola
Catalogue No: TRICD82071 Country: Uganda/USA
Email/Web Link:

5. Mlimani Park Orchestra
Title: Rehema
Album: Rough Guide to the Music of Tanzania
Label: Word Music Network
Catalogue No: RGNET1158CD Country: Tanzania
Email/Web Link:

Listen again via this link from 5 June 2010 11.30pm for 7 days