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2010 - week 21, from 22 May – Experiments in Spanish (rpt)

PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 12:09 pm
by Alan
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This week the theme of Charlie's programme is "Experiments in Spanish", music sung in Spanish, composed or performed by Spaniards, music associated with Spain. First broadcast in September 2006.

Full details of playlist and Charlie's original bulletin here ... eptember06 and viewtopic.php?f=42&t=2997 World Service page link

Charlie’s bulletin

People often ask, ‘How do you find your records?’ Mostly they come through the post, sent by the labels relieved to find somebody who might consider playing them on the radio.

But this week’s show starts with a track discovered by a more convoluted route. Ravid Goldschmidt is an Israeli musician based in Pallafrugel, a small town north of Barcelona in Spain, where he earns a living by playing the Hang. Made in Switzerland, this hi-tech instrument looks like a couple of shiny steel woks joined together, but sounds like a Trinidadian steel drum with more notes. The British musician David Lowe, who has a holiday home nearby, heard Ravid and sent me his CD, along with a second album Ravid had recorded with the Spanish (*) singer Silvia Peréz. Haunting and spectacular, ‘Vestida de Nit’ (which means something like ‘clothes for the night’)(*) is just the kind of thing that usually elicits enquiries from listeners to the World Service. Ravid's website:

Juana Molina is among the few actresses to succeed in becoming a convincing singer/writer/musician. Son is the third or fourth album from this Argentinean, and the best yet - experimental and yet accessible, especially on ‘Malerido’.

Cut Chemist is part of the Spanish-speaking Los Angeles group Ozomatli, whose live shows are legendary for their audience participation. The Brazilian-flavoured ‘The Garden’ is the stand-out track from the first solo album by the group’s DJ and remixer.

Faltriqueira is an all-female group from Northern Spain whose album Effecto is flavoured with folk touches in both vocal style and instrumentation. But the opening song, a Spanish language version of Toure Kounda’s ‘Fatou Yo’, defies categorisation. Toure Kounda was a Senegalese group who were commercially successful in both France and Spain back in 1982-83, just before the term world music was adopted to classify such music. It’s very encouraging to see this young Spanish group absorb a song from such an unusual source into their repertoire.

(*) Listener Liz Abbott has pointed out that the first song is Catalan, not Spanish, and means 'clothed in the night'. If you have any comments, queries and corrections, please post them in the Forum (choose the 'Forum & Playlists' link on menu bar at the top) where they can spark off further reactions from other listener/readers.

1. Sílvia Pérez Cruz & Ravid Goldschmidt
Title: Vestida de nit
Album: Llama
Label: MA Recordings
Catalogue No: M070a Country: Spain / Israel
Email/Web Link:

2. Juana Molina
Title: Malherido
Album: Son
Label: Domino
Catalogue No: WIGCD176 Country: Argentina
Email/Web Link:

3. Cut Chemist
Title: The Garden
Album: The Audience's Listening
Label: Beatdown/Warner
Catalogue No: 9362485592 Country: USA
Email/Web Link:

4. Faltriqueira
Title: Fatou Yo
Album: Effecto
Label: Resistencia
Catalogue No: RESCD193 Country: Spain
Email/Web Link:

5. Tango Crash
Title: Otra Sanata
Album: Otra Sanata
Label: Galileo
Catalogue No: GMC013 Country: Argentina / Switzerland
Email/Web Link:

6. Free Hole Negro
Title: Cómo arde
Album: Superfinos Negros
Label: Atlantic
Catalogue No: 5101 104 482 Country: Cuba
Email/Web Link:

Listen again via this link from 22 May 2010 11.30pm for 7 days