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2010 - week 19, from 8 May – World Music Hits 5 (rpt)

PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2010 10:09 am
by Alan
Listen again via this link from 8 May 2010 11.30pm for 7 days

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For listeners who have joined the world music fold in the past five years, the three male singers here may feel part of an unknown, rarely heard history, but they were major revelations for those who joined twenty to twenty-five years ago.

Youssou N'Dour was still in his early twenties when he and his band of Dakar musicians recorded 'Immigrés' (1983), and the music still conveys the exuberance and uninhibited confidence of people who don't even realise that what they were doing was difficult, unconventional and path-breaking. Heard now, it's obvious that this was a documentary recording of a song whose arrangement had previously been worked out in live performances, with conversations between the musicians and a percussion break designed to provide the backdrop for the dancer to whirl around the stage. What a call to arms that opening horn line was, and still is.

Mariza is the anomaly in the programme, having made her breakthrough much more recently. Her debut album Fado Em Mim (2001) did not have a hit single as such, but sold principally on the back of her astonishing stage performances. I used to favour the faster song about Mister Wine but this time have simply played track 1 from the box set of her first three studio albums, a live album and DVD. The package is elaborate but lacks a proper written commentary. If there was any implication that her career had already peaked, the quality of Mariza's newly-released album, Terra, dispels any such heretical thoughts.

Choosing a track by the Algerian singer Khaled was a toss-up between two million-sellers, the frenetic 'Didi' from 1992 and the languorous ballad 'Aicha' from 1998. I'm not sure I made the right choice, but it is still fascinating to hear how the singer's raw voice is never completely swamped by the conventions of the pop arrangement – strings, electric keyboard and bass - in 'Aicha'.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was introduced to Western audience via cut-down versions of his popular songs on the WOMAD and Real World labels, but we can hear something closer to his live show with the four full-length tracks on Manteca's Very Best of collection. 'Allah Hoo Allah Hoo' brings back memories of watching him, when I used to think he was more like the lead singer of an American gospel group, not only trading off the call-and-response shouts of his back-up singers, but giving room for a young singer to take off on his own improvisations.

1. Youssou N'Dour
Title: Immigres
Album: Immigres
Label: Earthworks
Catalogue No: CDEWV 10 Country: Senegal
Email/Web Link:

2. Mariza
Title: Loucoura
Album: Mariza (Box Set)
Label: EMI/World Connection
Catalogue No: 509999 5 17952 21 Country: Portugal
Email/Web Link:

3. Khaled
Title: Aicha
Album: Best of Khaled
Label: Wrasse
Catalogue No: WRASS 214 Country: Algeria/France
Email/Web Link:

4. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Title: All Hoo Allah Hoo
Album: Very Best of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Label: Manteca
Catalogue No: MANTDBL511 Country: Pakistan
Email/Web Link:

Listen again via this link from 8 May 2010 11.30pm for 7 days